Faux Mongolian Stool

I love the look of Mongolian stools. They combine comfort, practicality, and beauty to bring warmth to the home! I’d admired them online for months before deciding to add one to my own home…but with Mongolian stools costing well over $ 200 at stores like PotteryBarn and West Elm, I wanted to find s…By: TasteofSarband(…)


Toddler Step Stool

This step stool makes a great little step for toddlers with two levels attained simply by flipping it over. It also makes a handy little seat providing little ones somewhere to sit while learning things like tying shoelaces or just general resting. It’s a very simple build having only four parts to …By: noobwoodworker Continue(…)


Leaf Stool

This stool’s top board is shaped leaf.It is easy to carry because this can disassemble when you want.Materials:OSB(11.5mm),MDF(5.5mm),round wood bar(Φ24*450mm),screwsTools:rhinoceros,laser cutter machine,CNC,3D printerThis idea is based on my teacher, YAMASHITAKEN’s work:…By: watanabeee Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured



this can be used as stool or desk either way you want.MATERIAL:・OSB 12mm・MDF 5.5mm・Round wood bar()・Screw(4*16)・ABSTOOL:・Laser cutter (Tortec speedy 400)・3D Printer (Up mini2)This idea is from yamashitaken.( DATA 1.Make data by Rhinoceros.3.Save plan a…By: ALLYSSAKIM Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


The Brew Stool

The Brew Stool is a small and sturdy camp stool that is meant to serve as a somewhat portable camp stool that can hold your drinks for you while sitting around the fire! If you finish one drink, you can just reach down and open another one!The stool is constructed using a CNC machine to(…)


Twisted Stool / End Table

This instructable is about how I made a twisted stool / end table from a solid piece of Ash. Rather than just using the block of ash wood as is I decided to try adding a twist to it to make it look more interesting. These are the results. Be sure to comment below to(…)


Geometric Stool

A geometric stool inspired by Google Drive™. Making the Parts MaterialsTimber: Totara – A New Zealand hard wood or what ever you have around!Dimensions: 40mm x 140mm x approximately 2000mmGorilla grip glue24 10mm dowelsRulerPencilExtra wood for when you put in the vice10mm spade drill bitDowel m…By: Andyv34 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured