Star Vs. the Forces of Evil Wand

Welcome to my Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil wand build! If you are interested in building your own then feel free to follow along.Materials BondoCraft Wood4" Floral Foam BallPLA 3D filamentSmooth-On Oomoo25Amazing ResinCrylon Clear CoatCrylon PaintBASIC Acrylic paint400 grit Sandpaper1200 grit Sandpap…By: BOT10ART Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Star Wars Monopoly (GlowForge)

May the 4th be with you! Having recently invested in a GlowForge laser cutter, Almost all of my initial projects and pieces coming off the Glowforge were gifts for others. I cut some things on wood, engraved from slate, and even made an multi-level topographic map. However, I wanted to do somethi…By: MichaelMikkelson Continue Reading(…)


Star Trek 3-d Printed Key Chain

By: Bren Smith & Issa DysonThis Star Trek inspired key chain is for the fans of the series! New or longstanding fans alike can enjoy the novelty item. Its durable frame makes it ideal to be put on lanyards, necklaces, and most importantly key chains.We made this project, because it is a perfect exam…By: iddyson(…)


Alexa-Enabled Death Star Lamp

Bring a snippet of the Dark Side to your living room with this unique voice-activated lamp. A functional work of art that is both useful and pleasing to look at. Switching on or off? All lamps do that! Changing brightness? Very common! But can yours do this? *cue to turn volume up for intro video*Ra…By:(…)


Polar Star Clock

For centuries, people have been able to tell time by looking at the position of the North Star and the Big Dipper. But in most people, this skill has been lost to history. But you can use this little tool to learn how, and with a bit of practice, you should soon be able to(…)


Star Coat

I have wanted to play with wearable tech for a while now and this is my first attempt. It combines my interest in hobby electronics with my love of space and shiny things and I would recommend trying this project to anyone who wants some constellation clothing.My coat shows the constellation Orion a…By: snowbiscuit Continue(…)