Card & Photo Display Stand

These easy-to-make card and photo holders look great, work well, and would make perfect gifts or products to sell at craft fairs or on Etsy.The curved cut lets these stands support even thinner paper that would otherwise fall over if the slot were straight. They use only a small amount of wood to ma…By: dnhandcrafted(…)


Bell Ornament With Stand

An easy to assemble bell ornament with optional display stand.I’ve printed these bells and stands in a number of color combinations. In the attached photographs, I printed a dual extrusion bell in copper and metallic silver PLA with a red PLA ribbon and copper and metallic silver stand, and a singl…By: gzumwalt Continue Reading »(…)


Cleaning a Bicycle Chain With “Eternal” Kerosene. (Includes the Kerosene Recycling Stand)

Cautions – I use kerosene to clean my chain. Kerosene is flammable but not as flammable as gasoline. Don’t use gasoline. Ever. Period. I wear skin protection (gloves) and I wear eye protection (goggles). Because this uses volatile organic compounds (VOC) do this OUTSIDE or at least with really good…By: Grunambulax Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Ergonomic Edge Lit Monitor Stand

Ergonomics, the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them. One of the main issues with standard monitor setups is that you can’t adjust its position according to your custom requirements. Thus making your workflow slow and leaving you…By: Technovation Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Skateboard Laptop Stand

This instruction set explains the process of making some old skateboards into a functional stand for a laptop. Keeping the main components of the skateboards (the deck and the wheels) with minimal additional objects, the resulting product is simple, yet evocative in its use of colour and quirky way …By: katrinab998 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


How to Stand Out

When there are lots of other people around, standing out can be a challenge. However, standing out may help you to advance yourself academically, professionally, and personally. There are several strategies you can use to help yourself stand out using your strengths, your interpersonal skills, and your appearance. EditSteps EditStanding Out at Work Identify your(…)