Rotating Guitar and Ukulele Stand

A place to store your instruments if you have no wall space to hang them. Gather Your Materials This project is easily customize-able, so you aren’t restricted to the materials presented here. I used: -Multi material screws-Metal brackets-Washers-Peg and hole board hooks -Wooden Lazy Susan -2×4…By: JNECreate Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Compact Microphone Stand

I built this mini microphone stand out of tools and materials lying around hopefully you guys enjoyIt is meant for people who have the shock proof mount for the microphone but need something to hold the microphone. Set Up and Materials you’ll need…. laser cutter or band saw drill 7" by 12" by 1…By: jsoverberg01(…)



Hi everyone. In this Project I makean anvil stand with a small rubber shock- absorbing and reduce the noise. I hope you like it. My Tools: Miter Saw Radial, Angle GrinderRouterDrillSandpaperHammerA lot of wood glueRing SpannerThe wood that I use is pine wood 10cm x 10cm. Ok, let´s do it. First…By: fghuertas Continue Reading »(…)



PEN STAND Paper roll Place the papers centre and roll them by using sticks Placing paper rolls Place that rolled paper sticks wt you want shape…I made it this shape gradually increasing from down side shape.. Remove excess papers By using scissors remove excess papers to distrubing the sh…By: AnandM54 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Soldering Stand ONLY 3 Joints

While soldering the smoke from solder is very irritating and not good to health and handling the PCB is difficult hence I decide to make a ‘Soldering Stand with Exhaust fan’. This is a simple and easy way to make Soldering stand.In this i am using some cheep and very use full items,it’s widel…By: Ansif(…)


Mucem Inspired Monitor Stand

Last year we visited Marseille and whilst there we went to Le Mucem which is a facinating building designed by Rudy RicciottiIt’s hard to describe, but several sides and some of the roof have these cast concrete decorative panels held away from the internal glass structure. That casts really interes…By: makergeek Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Magnetic Poster Stand

Need to display a 12×16 poster or enlarged photo? Enjoy magnets? Then this is the project for you! Cut Material Cut your material out per the included DXFs. Shown here are drawings for MDF and Plywood.Note that I used a CNC router, but it could certainly be made with a table saw or other hand(…)