Spot Weld Plastic

I’m a big fan of the plastic milk jugs. Such a strong, flexible, accessible, free, material. There’s hardly a jug, that makes it to my recycle bin, without a gaping hole of some sort in the side. The only problem I had, is the HDPE, (high density polyethylene) plastic, is almost impossible to glue. …By:(…)


Make a Cheap Spot Welder

How to diy a cheap spot welder We will remove secondary coils with a Hacksaw Part list:01. 12V Relay Module External Trigger Delay Switch Time Adjustable…02. Button Switch…03. 0.15x8mm Nickel P…By: VietnamReviews Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Curtain Rod Hiding Spot

This is a simple quick place to hide anything that you don’t want anyone to find. I think this is probably the last place anyone would look Find a curtain rod Find a curtain rod that is hollow like the one in the photo. this is just your basic shower curtain rod. Detach the end(…)


Spot Welder 1-2-3 Arduino Firmware

Why another spot welder project?Building a spot welder is one of the (arguably few) cases in which you can build something for a fraction of the price of the commercial version with comparable quality. And even if build-before-buy were not a winning strategy, it is a lot of fun!So I decided to embar…By: mecanicafina Continue(…)