How to Spot an Unethical Therapist

Due to the intimate nature of the therapist-client relationship, it is easy for it to go off track and become unhealthy. However, if this happens then keep in mind that it is not your fault. It is the therapist’s responsibility to maintain appropriate boundaries. If your therapist tries to shut you off from others in(…)


How to Spot Valuable Paintings

Art collecting is an expensive hobby, but some eagle-eyed aficionados can score valuable masterpieces at bargain bin prices. Whether you’re hunting for deals at a thrift shop or evaluating a piece at an art show, knowing how to determine a painting’s authenticity and worth will help you spot great deals in a sea of knock-offs(…)


Spot Weld Plastic

I’m a big fan of the plastic milk jugs. Such a strong, flexible, accessible, free, material. There’s hardly a jug, that makes it to my recycle bin, without a gaping hole of some sort in the side. The only problem I had, is the HDPE, (high density polyethylene) plastic, is almost impossible to glue. …By:(…)


Make a Cheap Spot Welder

How to diy a cheap spot welder We will remove secondary coils with a Hacksaw Part list:01. 12V Relay Module External Trigger Delay Switch Time Adjustable…02. Button Switch…03. 0.15x8mm Nickel P…By: VietnamReviews Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured