Spooky ESP8266 Halloween Hack, With Motion Sensor and Light / Sound / Animation

For Halloween, I wanted to have a spooky decoration, of course, but with a bit of electronics !I have imagined a motion sensor, which triggers various candle leds, an animated crawling spider, and a spooky witch sound when someone arrives. That should be nice!All that is operated by a NodeMCU v3 mod…By: kptainkirk Continue Reading(…)


Spooky Lantern

In this intractable you will learn how to make a super spooky lantern, hope you enjoy! The supplies and tools that you need in order to make this are: 5 4" by 4" pieces of wood Your choice of fabric Hot-glue gun Scissors Something to make the design in the wood Pick a spooky image(…)


How to Make a Spooky Pumpkin.

Here is a step by step Instructable to make a spooky pumpkin. Find a pumpkin. Find a pumpkin with lots of room to draw and carve on. Cut off the stem. Cut off the stem with whatever tools you have available and save it for later. Gut the pumpkin. Now cut a hole as small(…)


Spooky Whispering Prank

The Spooky Whispering Prank is a device which whispers scary things when the lights are out and it senses someone is present. This joke device tells whether or not someone is there based on the amount of noise being made. If the lights are out and there is a loud noise, it assumes someone is(…)