MIDI Sound Palette

This project started as a "Stone Soup" instrument that was designed around all of the extra sensors, switches, and other parts lying in my parts bin. The instrument is based around the MIDI_Controller.h Library and the TouchSense capabilities that the Teensy 3.2 board offers. Here is a list of what …By: msobolak Continue Reading »(…)


Sound Mouse

In 2016, after being inspired by a video of the Scanman Line Follower on YouTube, I started work on a synthesizer device using the Toshiba TCD1304 linear CCD to synthesize audio from spectrogram data (or graphical data interpreted as spectrogram data) using Michel Rouzic’s ARSS code (the source of h…By: BryanDay Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Tube Sound Light Converter

Ever since I started tinkering in 3rd, 4th grade, I was drawn to "sound modules" or lights blinking to the rhythm of the music. Over the years I made several versions, this is the Steampunk edition.Features: Integrated amplifier with speakers, 12V sound module with LED strip. 3.5mm stereo plug to co…By: Welf Continue Reading »(…)


Sound Visualizer

This project came about after watching this video by a youtuber who described a way to visualize sound with a laser. It works by taking a speaker, stretching a balloon over it, and centering a mirror fragment on the balloon. Sound is played through the speaker and a laser pointer is shined on the mi…By:(…)