Solar Air Heater

The design of this solar heating was strongly inspired by Guy Isabel, on the plans he describes in his book Les capteurs solaires à air, Eyrolles edition. The sun transmits energy to the earth by radiation. At the equator, the radiation reaches the power of 1000 W / m², it is by comparison, the powe…By:(…)


A Solar Car Project

Prerequisites / Parts List This guide will be for hobbyists who wish to construct a small scaled solar powered car for any occasion. This car will be designed to be as light as possible to maximize the acceleration and top speed achieved by the limited capabilities of the selected solar cells and mo…By: KevinM500 Continue(…)


Ten Meters DIY Solar Balloon

Solar balloons are easy to build. Yet they are very rewarding and fun stuff for kids and adults.They are educational toys too.Here is how I made a simple Ten meters Solar Balloon and used it on the beach.All you need is some black trash bags and tape. How Can They Fly Anyway? As air gets(…)


How to Run a Battery Clock on Solar Power

This contribution follows on from a previous one in 2016, (see here,) but in the intervening period there have been devellopments in components that make the job much easier and the performance improved. The techniques shown here will enable a solar powered clock to be easily deployed in such places…By: Lionel Sear Continue Reading »(…)


Solar Water Heater

Solar panels are very efficient at taking advantage of solar radiation. In our latitudes the sun generates up to 1000 Watts per m². With photovoltaic panels we can capture 200 W / m², with thermal energy it rises to 800W / m², four times more! Solar panels are much more profitable than photovolta…By: Low tech(…)


How to Make Acorn Cap Solar LED Lights

Our little acorn cap solar LED lights are perfect for adorning a fairy garden. They are powered using an adapted LED garden solar light, and light up our fairy herb garden beautifully when the sun goes down. This tutorial is in two halves. First, we show you how to adapt the garden solar light and(…)


Connected Letterbox Solar Powered

For my second Ible, I’ll describe you my works about my connected letterbox.After reading this Instructable (+ many other one), and as my letterbox isn’t near my house, I wanted absolutely to inspire me of Open Green Energy’s works to connect my letterbox to my Domoticz server.Goals Be advised by…By: D3ni3d Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)