Floating Snowflake Ornament

While printing off some Christmas ornaments, my husband suggested printing a snowflake separate and adding it mid print to another piece to make one ornament in two colors. I, of course, had to go for it and the result is a simple snowflake that appears to be floating inside a silver ornament. It’s …By: Penolopy(…)


Snowflake Earrings

I wanted to make some fun and easy earrings for Christmas. Snowflakes seemed like the obvious design to go with. After playing around with Isi8Bit’s Minimal Waves design on Thingiverse, I knew I wanted to do more prints with different colored layers. This seemed like a great opportunity for that. Th…By: Penolopy Bulnick Continue Reading(…)


Snowflake 3D

These 3D snowflakes offer a much better image than the flat ones.Even if we use flat ones to bild one, the result is remarkable. Plus they are really cheap. I got 12 pcs. set on Ebay for less than a dollar..Enough for four 3D snowflakesTo make a snowflake we need;-three flat glitter snowflakes …By: CalinC13(…)


Cookie Mold – SnowFlake

My girlfriend and I were planning to do some cookies with a Christmas mood.This is the first mold we tried. Hope you like it! Design We design taking some considerations: It is self-cutting. I mean, when you push the mold, you can cut the shape and let the mark at the same moment. Dimension. That…By:(…)


Snowflake Gear Wreath

This "back lit moving gear" wreath was created to replace a dull wall hanging in Santa’s Shop. Materials Blue led strip lightsQuimat metal gear servo motor (this has no end stops and is easy to convert to continuous rotation)(7) 6mm x 19mm x 6mm bearings12" x 10.5" plywood (1/2 inch thick)(4) M3 …By: MikeTheMaker Continue(…)