Smartphone Powered Laptop

E-waste is becoming an ever increasing problem in our disposable society. In order to promote the idea of a circular economy I have revived a broken laptop (2007 17" Macbook Pro) by powering it off my smartphone. The idea behind this is as smartphones become increasingly capable and ubiquitous, this…By: cmcinhk Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Smartphone Macro Lens

Recently, I uploaded an Instructable about taking "epic" photos of Hotwheels cars. (Hot wheels photography 101)Another member of Instructables- IJustLikeMakingThings asked me how to build the macro lens that I used for some of photos. Here it is! Its sleek. It has a small profile. It fits great ins…By: mrwonton Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Make Your Own Smartphone Gloves

I love wearing my warm woolly gloves when I’m outside in the cold British winter, the natural fibres keep my fingers warm and toasty.What I don’t love, is the need to take off my gloves to use the capacitive touchscreen on my smartphone (if you’re wondering if your touchscreen is capacitive, if it d…By: DalilaL1(…)