Make LED Lamp and Control It Using Smartphone

Imperfect lighting conditions can be bothersome especially when you’re working on an important project, or studying, or reading your favourite book. By affecting your vision and mood, they also affect your progress. But times are going to change my friend! The DIY Dabble controlled LED lamp is here …By: theSTEMpedia Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


3D Printed Boxing Santa Biped Robot With LOLIN D32 Board and Smartphone App Using BLE With Arduino IDE

Hello, Merry Christmas Everyone !!!So I was looking around shopping online to see if I could find any Robot Santas on the market and as it turns out I couldn’t so I decided to build one for myself.I decided to design a 3 servo walking biped robot and seen as how there aren’t many designs(…)


Peltier-based Smartphone Cooler

Hi, there. Welcome back!In recent years, smartphone technology has advanced exponentially, packing so much power in very tiny footprint that leads to one problem, excessive heat. Physical limitation on a smartphone limits the maximum heat that can be dissipated efficiently, which is on the low side …By: Luq1308 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


HQ Music Player and Internet Radio With Smartphone Control – Raspberry Pi, PCM5102A, Node-RED

This is a high quality (and low cost) sound system based on a Raspberry Pi running Node-RED and using a PCM5102A digital audio decoder. It can run standalone as described here, or can be easily integrated with the Node-RED based home automation system shown in my earlier instructable. In the lat…By: FlyingDrMike Continue Reading »(…)