Smart LED Pixel RGB House Outline

If you find yourself looking for lights somewhere between the off-the-shelf and the overly ambitious neighbor with thousands of lights synchronized to music then you’ve found yourself in my situation. However, diving into the world of smart pixel LEDs is a steep learning curve but take heart – you …By: loftyduck Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Raspberry Pi Smart Scale

Are you tired of staring at that boring, old, bad news bathroom scale every morning? The one that you often say "I hate you" to you as every time you step on it. Why hasn’t anyone made a scale that is actually fun or motivating to use? It is time to create a scale that(…)



In this project, I’ll show you how to make your own 8×16 RGB LED Matrix using Arduino Uno/ Nano. An LED Matrix can show scrolling messages, display animations, music spectrum analyzer … With integrating NodeMCU, it can be used as small screen to show weather information from internet or any process …By: tuenhidiy Continue Reading(…)


DIY Smart Speaker (Amazon Alexa + Bluetooth + Binary Clock + Audio Visualization)

A smart speaker is a type of wireless speaker and voice command device with an integrated virtual assistant (artificial intelligence) that offers interactive actions and handsfree activation with the help of one "hot word" (or several "hot words"). Some smart speakers can also act as a smart device …By: taifur Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Smart Home Lighting

Hello guys, today we are going to create a project where we control a light bulb based on the surrounding lighting. We are going to use PICO and a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), to detect light, and turn on or off a light bulb depending on how intense the lighting is around it. Components PICO…By:(…)


WiFi Smart Power Strip With NodeMCU

This is an easy-to-do and quite cheap WiFi Smart Strip that can control 4 sockets independently from all around the world from your smartphone, tablet or computer. Everything you need is an internet connection. You can use it for christmas lights, or fan or everything you want to plug in! Things N…By: AlessandroA67 Continue Reading(…)


V2 Controller – Smart Aquaponics

The doctor recommends we have at least 7 helpings of fresh fruit or vegetables every day. The Water Cycle The Sun’s energy powers the water cycle in which surface waters on the Earth evaporate into clouds, falling as rain and returning back to the Ocean as rivers. Bacteria and other living organi…By: emandu Continue Reading(…)


*IMPROVED* Smart LED Candle: Reactive to Sound and Aesthetically Pleasing

Remember the "smart" LED candle from a few months ago?Well, the idea was nice, but the overall execution lacked some oomph. Technologically and aesthetically speaking there was a lot to improve.First off, as an artist, I wanted the container for the candle to look amazing. Or at least better than th…By: DemiS2 Continue Reading »(…)