Web-Connected SMART LED Animation Clock With Web-based Control Panel, Time Server Synchronized

The story of this clock goes back a long way – more than 30 years. My father pioneered this idea when I was just 10 years old, long before the LED revolution – back when LED’s where 1/1000 the brightness of their current blinding brilliance. A true innovator, he coded in assembly language and hand(…)


Smart Mirror -Raspberry Pi 3

This instructable will show you the step by step way on how to create a basic Smart Mirror Parts Needed Raspberry Pi 3…MonitorVGA to HDMI converter… Mirror Privacy Window Film https://www.homed…By: DavidS1612 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Smart LED With Node Mcu and Tasker

download tasker. Setup node mcu and tasker Firstly open the Arduino IDEGo to files and click on the preference in the Arduino IDEcopy the below code in the Additional boards Manager OK to close the preference Tab. The right Boa…By: Henduriku Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Raspberry Pi – Smart Office

What is the application about? OfficeHelperBOT is an application targeted towards a smart office setting. 2 Raspberry Pi 3 Model B would be setup for this.Raspberry Pi 1 would be the main machine which will take in all the values from the sensors, publishing the data via MQTT, storing data into clou…By: replicawj Continue Reading(…)


Smart Blinds Controlled by Alexa

Hello ladies and gents,After years of seeing a lot of instructables i have decided that it was time to make one !So this is my first instructable about DIY smart blinds from scratch and controlling them either with Alexa (Echo dot) or directly from your mobile or PC.So let us start. Parts and Prep…By: AlexGruevski(…)