Ski Sled for Young Kids

Young children love being pulled around. Whether it is in a wagon or on a sled. This sled is for slow pulling, not free-style sledding because the kids can’t steer or slow down. MATERIALS 1- empty, clean plastic 55 gal. barrel1- pair cheap, used downhill skis ( I get them for $ 5 at thrift(…)


Ski Bob or Ski Sled

I don’t know if this counts as a proper Instructable because I missed to document the build process with pictures, videos, etc…But I wanted at least to share the plans, drawings and CAD files for others as an inspiration. History If you have some old skis lying around and basic woodworking skill…By: seebaer Continue Reading(…)


Router Flattening Sled

If you don’t have the money or space for a large planer, a router flattening sled is a great option for you to be able to plane large slabs without having to spend too much money to make this. I provide tips on how to build it and obtain a smooth finish, along with a(…)


Table Saw Sled / Cross Cut Sled

Hi everybody, in this instructable I will show you how I built my cross cut sled. Nothing I designed or invented, there are plenty of information on internet about this type of accessorie. I did not know about it until recently when I started to look at buying a table saw. I wanted to work(…)



A jig is a device that holds and guides a piece of work. This jig is also called a sled. I HAVE a SMALL ONE Admittedly, it’s not something a DIYer likes to talk about, but I have a small table saw. I wanted to build a cross-cut sled for it to be used on(…)


How to Make a Crosscut Sled

A table saw is arguably the most versatile tool in a wood shop. You can do everything from cut down large sheets to make extremely accurate cuts. The only down side (and in my opinion the fun side) is that you have to make jigs to do just about anything that isn’t a rip cut.(…)