How to Improve Your Drumming Skills

It’s easy to pick up a pair of drumsticks and start playing the drums, but it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and practice to improve your drumming skills. In order to do so, start by mastering the basics and creating good practice habits. Don’t overlook your health, either! Drums are a physically demanding(…)


How to Improve Your Art Skills

Improving your art skills takes passion and dedication. Whether you want to be a professional artist or just get really good at a new hobby, you can create thoughtful, highly-skilled art with a little patience and lots of practice. You’ll need to develop a daily routine to practice and have an open mind about taking(…)


How to Acquire New Skills

A large part of achieving both personal and professional success is learning new skills. All skills take time to learn, but you can simplify the process by setting goals and breaking the skill up into smaller steps. Practice every day and hold yourself accountable so you’ll be able to add that new skill to your(…)


Puukko Sheath With No Leatherworking Tools or Skills

Warning: In case you are a professional (or even hobbyist) leatherworker you should close this browser window and slowly back away from the screen, as you will find some of my techniques and tools rather unconventional, if not downright blasphemous. You’ve been warned!For the rest of us who cons…By: stvnishere Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Improve Mental Math Skills

Eventually, you’ll find yourself in a situation where you’ll have to solve a math problem without a calculator. Even if you’re good at math, mental math can be incredibly difficult to do. To solve problems in your head, you’ll need an entirely new set of strategies and methods that differ from what you were taught(…)