Simple Lemon Bars

These Lemon Bars are easy to whip up, and are great for parties and other gatherings. They are full of lemon flavor, with a nice added crunch of vanilla wafer crust. Store chilled and serve after meals.Recipe also coming soon to my baking blog: Michael’s Test KitchenEnjoy! Ingredients:For Crust:…By: MichaelsTestKitchen Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


How to Make a Simple Sawhorse Table

I’m always short of work surfaces when I’m cleaning the shop, working on a project or taking apart a tool. I didn’t want to commit to a permanent workbench, so I build these simple sawhorses and added a removable plywood top. The sawhorses are all cut from 3 8-foot 2×4’s and the top is two(…)


Cheap and Simple Arduino Eggbot

In this Instructables I want to show how to make a simple and cheap arduino plotter that can draw on eggs or other spherical objects. In addition, soon Easter and this homemade will be very handy Materials List of materials:-Arduino Uno -2х Stepper motor (28BYJ-48) -2x Stepper motor control board…By: Niklaxzzz Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Make a Simple Guitar Stand

This is a quick, lightweight stand for stringed instruments in or out of their cases. I mostly own ukuleles and violins so I chose to make my own, scaled to those smaller instruments. The basic idea will work for full-scale guitars, however (but I wouldn’t try it on a cello!)Materials: plywood or ch…By: nomuse Continue(…)


Simple Phone Tripod Mount

There are a lot of DIY phone mounts for a tripod but probably not too many more simple than this one. The advantage of this mount over the others is that you don’t have to remove your phone from its case. And you can orient the phone vertically or horizontally.Parts count is very low and(…)


Simple Wedge Planing Stop

I really love pallet wood! 🙂 This is yet another simple project – but very handy. There is a small video showing this in moving action and how I built it too.For me its a real time saver. After I did this project I actually was quite annoyed why I had not done this planing(…)


Simple Sewn Circuit

This is a great project to get students started on sewn circuits. I would recommend teaching students about paper circuits first and then move on to this project.If you are new to sewn circuits or would like a helpful slideshow about sewn circuits see: hereWhat you will need in addition to the pictu…By: AmberO16 Continue(…)