Simple Dowel Maker Jig

This is a quick and simple build – but it works great, is very functional and easy to adapt. This is not my original idea. I have seen many variations around, but I have never seen anyone built with a washer before. Most other jigs/dowel makers use a steel bar of somekind. I made this(…)


Simple Secret Box II: Coin Bank

"Simple Secret Box II: Coin Bank" is a coin bank with a secret locking mechanism. Like my Apple Coin Bank design, this model was designed to teach the grandkids to save money, but includes an additional feature; if they change their minds and wish to make an "early" savings withdrawal, well, I did…By: gzumwalt Continue(…)


Simple Brass Whistle

This is a simple brass whistle I made from a solid piece of 3/4 in. brass rod on my wood lathe. It can easily be made in an afternoon and is a great addition to any emergency pack or hiking backpack. Tools and Materials Materials: 3/4 in. Brass RodPlumbing Solder and FluxScrap WoodTools: LatheNo…By: tomatoskins(…)


Very Simple Dremel Belt Sander

HiThis is very simple belt sander for Dremel rotary tool.Mostly this instructable is just for sharing the idea,to show some directions where you can start to build your own.Materials:30mm x 30mm x 1.5mm square tubing.3mm plate 100mm x 170mm and 20mm x 55mm M5 screws, M5 rivet nuts.M8 bolts and nutsT…By: Tuomas Soikkeli Continue Reading(…)


Making a Simple Bezel Set Ring

Here’s how to make a simple ring with a bezel set stone. This is a great first project for someone who wants to make a ring with a single stone as it can be fabricated very easily and it can accommodate a wide variety of stone shapes. Let’s get started! Tools and Materials I covered(…)