Backlit Sign for an Art Exhibition

An artist friend goes by the moniker ‘The Folly Store’, with a circular logo that he splashes across his social media accounts and website. thought it would be the perfect gift for him to make a ‘real’ store sign for his pop-up exhibitions to elevate the art displays …By: ucn Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


LED Pixel Edge Lit Acrylic Sign

A simple project that demonstrates a simple way to make a customized edge lit acrylic sign. This sign utilizes addressable RGB-CW(red, green, blue, cool white) LED pixels that use the SK6812 chipset. The added white diode is not required, but does create a much nicer white color that really makes t…By: NLED-Projects Continue Reading »(…)


How to Make a Tiki Bar Sign

Have you ever wanted to create those Tiki style signs where everything looks smooth, textured and weathered all at the same time? You may have seen signs like this at Disneyland, or at a restaurant or bar that has tropical theming.Well it’s actually pretty easy but you do have to put in the time to(…)


How to Mount a Neon Sign on Acrylic

My vintage neon sign fell off its mounting plate. The supports that connected the black acrylic back plate to the neon tubes became brittle and broke in many places. This guide follows the steps I took to restore the sign to its original condition.For this project you will need: Neon signNeon tube s…By: bekathwia Continue(…)