Making a Side Board Cabinet

How-to guide on making a side board cabinet out of oak veneered plywood & blackboard, that utilises organically shaped cut-outs as handle and door pulls.You can see what tools were used to make the cabinet here: final dimensions of the cabinet were: …By: JMakesUK Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Multi -purpose Side Table

Materials and Tools Needed * V-shaped log (I used Boxelder) * 1"x12"x24" board for tabletop (I used Poplar) * (9) 308 bullet casings (Or any spent casings of your choice) * Walnut Oil * Tape measure * Joiners mallet * level * Drill and drill bit (bit size depends on your bullet casin…By: Bbhunter Continue(…)


Live Edge Side Table

A few months ago my wife found this stump side table with hairpin legs from on online store. It was a great looking table but the only problem was that it was $ 250 dollars. Since I love making things, I was up for the challenge of replicating this table. I made my own version(…)


Cage Side Table

A few years back my friend purchased a coffee table that looked like a cage. I loved the design so I came up with this bad boy right here. Made from reclaimed beam cut-offs and some steel. This is a pretty straightforward project. You will need a welder if you want to create something like(…)


Upcycled Side Table

When I visited my local Habitat For Humanity Restore, I found this nice little table. The veneer on the top was peeling off a bit, but the table itself wasn’t damaged or chipped. So for $ 5, I picked it up and decided to give it new life. While you probably won’t find the exact(…)