Cage Side Table

A few years back my friend purchased a coffee table that looked like a cage. I loved the design so I came up with this bad boy right here. Made from reclaimed beam cut-offs and some steel. This is a pretty straightforward project. You will need a welder if you want to create something like(…)


Upcycled Side Table

When I visited my local Habitat For Humanity Restore, I found this nice little table. The veneer on the top was peeling off a bit, but the table itself wasn’t damaged or chipped. So for $ 5, I picked it up and decided to give it new life. While you probably won’t find the exact(…)


Sewing on a Button From One Side

I lost a button on the inside of the waistband of a pair of pants. I couldn’t use the normal method of sewing on a replacement, because I didn’t want anything showing on the other side. Here’s what I used. Besides the usual needle, thread, and scissors, I needed a long-nose pair of locking pl…By:(…)