Simple and Elegant Wall Shelf

We show you how to make your own furniture with only basic tools and skills.You don’t need special tools to make this wall shelf. The only tools you need are a saw, a drill and painting equipment. If you find it difficult to follow the instructions below, there is a video a that shows you(…)


Japanese Bondage Shelf

You really don`t have to be a pro woodworker to build your own Japanese bondage shelf. You`ll just need s saw, few wooden sticks and laminated beams and meters of rope. Estimated cost to material is about 50 bucks. And it’s a way more stronger than the regular cheap mass production furniture. Cutt…By: toolstogether Continue(…)


Build a Dual 15V Power Supply Using Off the Shelf Modules for Under $50

Introduction:If you’re a hobbyist that deals with audio, you’ll be familiar with dual rail power supplies. Most low power audio boards such as pre-amps require anywhere from +/- 5V to +/- 15V. Having a dual voltage power supply makes it just that much easier when prototyping designs or just general …By: Killawhat Continue Reading »(…)


Shelf Piggy Bank

The need for a fourth empty jar of Nutella to be sacrificed as a piggy bank triggered a thought about making something more capable than providing storage, which is the only thing the jars offer. I wanted it to sort and count and.. well that’s already more than you expect from a normal piggy bank(…)