How to Introduce the Elf on a Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf is a fun way to get your kids even more excited for the Christmas season while reminding them that Santa is watching. However, introducing the elf can be tricky! To get your kids familiar with the Elf on the Shelf, plan a day to explain everything about their new gift(…)


Floating LED Shelf

My desk has always been rather dark and the one lamp I had barely gave me enough light. I also always am in need of more space to store stuff. So came up with a way to provide more light to my desk and give me some extra storage space. I made a floating shelf(…)


Making a Shelf

I have seen this design on the net and decided to make this shelf for my living room. It is really easy and fun to make one, so here is the guide!Check out my video and download the template! Preparing the Pieces The first thing we need to do is to prepare our wood. So(…)


Rustic Industrial Chain Shelf

Recently our friend, Chris, gifted us a beautiful piece of 30-year-old redwood. We thought it would make a great rustic tray or shelf, both simple and fast to complete projects.The shelf idea won out since we found the perfect place for it. We decided on a rustic shelf with industrial elements that …By: MotherDaughterProjects Continue(…)


Vintage Biplane Shelf

This project was so enjoyable to make. I made this as a gift for a Pilot and his wife whom are expecting a little boy named Austin and there last name begins with M so i tried my best to incorporate it into the build. Tools and Material Jigsaw tape measure table saw router router(…)


Floating Shelf With Mountains

After my newly discovered extraordinary woodworking skills, my wife had a new request:A floating shelf with mountains on top.Now, a floating shelf is clear, I’ve seen them and I love them for the aesthetics and simplicity.But mountains? Apparently it is a new fashion in house interior design, just g…By: medanilevin Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)