Bookcase Shelf Hole Jig

I’m building some cabinets for a client at the moment and needed to drill a series of 5mm holes for bookshelf pins. You can buy all kinds of jigs that do this, but with a couple of scraps of wood, a couple of very basic tools, and a pair of 5mm drill bits, you can(…)


Industrial Record / Turntable Shelf

Welcome to my Industrial Record Storage / Turntable Shelf instructional. Introduction Hello Instructables! Long time reader, first time poster. Very excited to share this project, and I hope everyone enjoys. I came up with this project after moving to a new apartment, and some extra space to fin…By: mf342304 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)


Ladder Shelf

Hello guys, ladder shelves are very popular piece of decor. I was planning to make one for a long time, so this is my first try and I thought why not sharing it with you. Note: this project was made in FABLAB Dhahran by Jafar Alobaid. Requirements For this project we will need:MDF ( I(…)


Threaded Rod Pallet Shelf

Albany County Fasteners loves all of the cool things we see our customers make with our fasteners all the time. So much so that we decided "Hey, why don’t we make some cool stuff of our own?" And we set out to do just that. For our first ever pallet art project we have decided(…)


Popsicle Sticks Hexagon Shelf

this is a nice an amazing hommade shelf done by popsicle sticks that cost about 2$ .wish you enjoy MATERIALS popsicle stick(better to be colored)papers 2xruler markerhot gun Drawing draw on each paper a half hexagon shape identical to the size of the popsicle sticks , in a way it appear symm…By: hadi141 Continue Reading(…)