One Sheet Plywood Boat

I have always wanted to build myself a boat. This was maybe not the one I had in mind. But I have to start somewhere I guess.:-)It’s a pretty simple and quick build. The boat is made from just one sheet of cheap construction plywood.I made a little video of the build if you want(…)


Build a Sheet Metal Brake

I love building tools. There’s been more than a few times I’ve needed to bend metal and I’ve resorted to clamping 2x4s together and using a hammer. I needed better.I saw a how to on making a metal brake and wanted to make a few modifications. This is what I designed and built, adding springs(…)


Greeting Cards, One Sheet Wonder

Make 14 greeting cards using one sheet of 12 X 12 scrap-booking paper! Supplies Supplies you will need: One sheet of 12 X 12 scrapbook paper (double sided optional)Card stock card bases 8.5 in X 5.5 inches, folded in half (these may be purchased or cut from plain colored card stock of your cho…By: relott(…)


Easy Everyday Sheet Cake

This cake is perfect for a simple dinner with some milk. It is soft and spongy, and if you add some butter on top while it is still warm, it is irresistible. Since it is baked in a low baking pan, it take only 10-15 minutes to bake!If you don’t like poppy seed, you can(…)