DIY Fountain With Acrylic Sheet

Materials Needed: 3mm Acrylic Sheet 3W Water Pump (200L/Hour) Waterproof LED 12 Volt LED Adopter 3/4 inch Pipe Masking Tape Push Terminal Plug Electric Wire BucketTools Needed: Silicone Sealant Super Glue Hot Glue Epoxy Resin Soldering Iron Drill Scissor X-Acto Knife CutterDecorative Items: Plastic …By: Rustickraft Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Sheet Metal Tool Tray

This is the last sheet metal project I assign in my level one manufacturing class. This is the first multiple part project my students work with in class that they will have to assemble together. I like this project because it makes the students read multiple sets of plans, use all their knowledge …By: TeacherMike(…)


Sheet Metal Box

This is a great project to make if you are new to working with sheet metal. At this point in my class all of our sheet metal projects have been very simple with, at most, one bend. But, when we get to the this project my students always have a hard time trying to think(…)


Sheet Metal Vise Jaw Covers

These vise jaw covers are quick and easy to make. They also provide a very low risk, useful project to try while learning how to work with sheet metal. This is the second shop activity I have my level 1 students make, which allows me to introduce and demonstrate using our sheet metal break and(…)


Sheet Metal Dog Tags

I teach shop classes, or as they like to call it now engineering and technology classes, at the high school level. My school is fortunate enough to have some very gracious industry partners in our town that donate many of the materials we use for our class projects. We currently get as much sheet …By:(…)


One Sheet Plywood Boat

I have always wanted to build myself a boat. This was maybe not the one I had in mind. But I have to start somewhere I guess.:-)It’s a pretty simple and quick build. The boat is made from just one sheet of cheap construction plywood.I made a little video of the build if you want(…)