556 Servo Driver

Servos (also RC servos) are small, cheap, mass-produced servomotors used for radio control and small-scale robotics. The are designed to be easily controlled: the position of the internal potentiometer is continually compared to the commanded position from the control device (i.e., the radio control…By: hombremagnetico Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Scissor Drive Servo Hat

This simple 3D printing and servo motor project is a get-well sentiment for Simone Giertz, an awesome maker who’s having brain tumor removal surgery. The scissor device is drive by a micro servo motor and Trinket microcontroller running a little Arduino code, and is powered by a 3xAAA battery pack. …By: bekathwia Continue Reading »(…)



In the previous episode, we could control one servo motor by using one potentiometer.In this episode, we are going to control 8 motors by using 8 potentiometer simultaneously. Let’s get it started![LINKS]Source Code Master]… Slave ] https://githu…By: HappyThingsMaker Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Control 1 Servo Motor Using 1 Potentiometer (Humanoid Robot EP 01)

This is the first step for making motion capturing robot. The robot’s name is Choom which means “dancing” in Korean. Goal If you follow this Instructables, you will be able to control one motor by using one sensor.If you follow all this tutorials, you will be able to make a motion capturing robot…By: HappyThingsMaker Continue(…)


[Arduino Robot] How to Make a Motion Capture Robot | Thumbs Robot | Servo Motor | Source Code

Thumbs Robot. Used a potentiometer of MG90S servo motor. It is very fun and easy! The code is very simple. It is only around 30 lines. It looks like a motion-capture.Please leave any question or feedback![ Instruction ] Source Code 3D printing files …By: HappyThingsMaker Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Control a Servo Using GRBL

a.articles { color: white; background: red; font-weight: bold; font-style: italic; text-decoration: none; } a.articles:hover { background: black; } GRBL is an arduino program for controlling each of the XYZ stepping motors on 3-axis machines such as 3D-printers and milling machines. [1]If you …By: lingib Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Maestro Servo Controller (Raspberry Pi)

Basic tutorial of how to setup a Maestro Servo Controller with the Raspberry Pi. Parts PARTS:RPI Zero W (Barebones Kit) – 4 Amp Power Adapter – 16GB Micro SD – 120 pcs jumper cable: 5.5×2.1mm Male+Fema…By: piddlerintheroot Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Pan-Tilt Multi Servo Control

On this tutorial, we will explore how to control multiple servos using Python on a Raspberry Pi. Our goal will be a PAN/TILT mechanism to position a camera (a PiCam).Here you can see how our final project will work:Control Servo Control loop test: BoM – Bill of Material Main parts: Raspberry…By: mjrovai Continue Reading »(…)


Arduino Triple Servo Tester

I’m currently building several walking robots, all powered by multiple servos. The problem then arises in working out the extent of motion of each servo the range of motion available. In addition, I am trying to work out what type of walking gait is needed. I have several of dumb $ 2 testers that you…By:(…)