Web-Connected SMART LED Animation Clock With Web-based Control Panel, Time Server Synchronized

The story of this clock goes back a long way – more than 30 years. My father pioneered this idea when I was just 10 years old, long before the LED revolution – back when LED’s where 1/1000 the brightness of their current blinding brilliance. A true innovator, he coded in assembly language and hand(…)


GitHub Build Status Server

If you have an ESP8266 and want to monitor the build status of your GitHub repository while sitting on the couch, then this instructable is for you. We will be using GitHub’s API to fetch, view and serve a given repository’s build status as a simple webpage that can be viewed from any device on(…)


IOT Based Surveillance Camera || Raspberry Pi + Pan-Tilt Arrangement + Cayenne + Webcam Server

Hey, guys. Due to our tight schedule, we weren’t able to post any Raspberry Pi video in our channel. So, sorry for that. :(Finally, we are back with a project based on Raspberry Pi and IoT. We have done quite a few projects based on IoT. If you haven’t seen any of then do watch(…)


ESP8266 Weather Server With LCD Display

ComponentsNodeMCU ESP8266 Chip or any other ESP8266 chip1602A 16×2 LCD DisplayI2C LCD BackpackSome wires and breadboardDHT11 Temperature Sensor Attaching ESP8266 on breadboard This step is connecting the chip on to the breadboard .Do not connect any wires yet.The board should look like above pict…By: VikrantM6 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured