The Secret Valet Box

I’m slowly losing my mind – at least the memorable parts. That is to say … my memory is fading. There are a lot of random/useless facts and nostalgia rattling around in the ole calcium vault, but those seem to have steady footing. It’s the untethered items of everyday life that are suffering due t…By:(…)


Secret Pop-Top Round Table

Once and a while me and my dad will take a request from someone to build a specific project. This was one of those builds. Originally we had planned to insert a lock into the table somewhere so that you could lock the compartment, but eventually, we realized that the fit was so snug that(…)


Secret Enigma Box

This box contains hidden mechanisms that prevents from opening it without finding clues on it to solve it.At first the box only consists of four cursors that have to be positioned properly and two other cursors that cannot move, but if you look more closely you’ll alo see a key hole and two strange …By:(…)