Scroll Saw Dragon

We’ve been wanting to try our hand at intarsia for quite some time or at least a version of it. We decided to make a dragon using this process. If you’re not sure what intarsia is, Wikipedia gives this explanation,Intarsia is a form of wood inlaying that is similar to marquetry. The start of the(…)


LARP Scroll / Aged Paper

Making Scrolls is actually really easy. I used a Sharpie because I don’t own a photocopier but you can if you have access to one. There really aren’t very many supplies and they are really easy to get.1. Cardstock (it’s important to make sure you don’t get the glossy style, it needs to be able(…)


Scroll through rock n’ roll’s entire timeline with this massive mashup

Reliving moments from your Facebook timeline may be mortifying, but not so for the timeline of rock n’ roll. Ithaca Audio comprehensively wove together 348 rockstars, 84 guitarists, 44 drummers and 64 songs into one anthological rock mashup. A downloadable version of the 15 minute, amalgamated groove is available here. The perfect sock-folding technique is here to(…)