Doing Payments With a Sonic Screwdriver

This instructable explains how we removed the smartcard chip of our contactless payment card and adapted it to upgrade Lieven’s Sonic Screwdriver for contactless payments.Built by Lieven Scheire and Maarten WeynHelping hand behind the scenes: Kurt Beheydtyoutube link Contactless Payments???! Most…By: tyamat Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Screw Help for Cordless Screwdriver

For school, we have made a project we think is worth sharing!Bart is a prototyper and he works in a Industrial Design Center.Bart is physically disabled, he has only one functional hand, which makes certain actions very hard for him. As a prototyper, fixing a screw for example is almost impossible w…By: Leenlydie Continue Reading(…)


DIY Electric Screwdriver

Hi everyone… I am back with a new Instructable.In this Instructable we will make a Electric Screwdriver out of a geared DC Motor and PVC Pipes. This is a very handy Tool to have in your garage which makes your job easier and quicker.There are many commercially available Electric Screwdrivers But …By: The_Technocrat Continue Reading(…)