Scrap Material Scotty Dog

Hi instructablers!In this instructable I am going to show you how to make a lovely Scrap material Scotty dog. Its a quick and easy instructable that can be done with all ages and uses materials that are cheap/free and readily available or if you want to spend a bit of money on it and buy(…)


Scrap Metal AT-ST

Hello. Now we’ve established Empire is the best with no argument we can start making our own walker to keep the spiders out but clones in! This is a simple structure and will only take 1 evening or 2 for the perfectionists within the community. You will need a welder for this project since it(…)


Mushroom Determination Kit, Pocket Sized and Made From Scrap

"Fungi are the grand recyclers of the planet and the vanguard species in habitat restoration" Paul StametsMushroom foraging is fun for young and old and therefore makes a great family activity!Being outdoors together,enjoying nature, sharing a common experience and at the same time learning somethi…By: Gadisha Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


7 Scrap Leather Projects

If you’ve been following me recently, you’ve noticed that I like to make things out of leather. Consequently, I’ve accumulated a lot of scrap leather that I haven’t had the heart to throw away and have wanted to use. However, scrap leather mini projects aren’t big or sophisticated enough to warran…By: Daniel Stabile Continue Reading(…)