Easy Saw Rack From Scrap!

Get those saws out of the tool box and on the wall to save edges and your fingers!!! Saw Rack This rack is made from scrap, if all the wood is bought new it might run you $ 5.00 at most. To begin with, you will need to cut the pieces required, which is (1)(…)


Floating Shelves From Scrap Wood

I had some scrap wood left over from making my wife some bookshelves.I made an Instructable for it:…Instead of throwing those small pieces of scrap wood away, I used them to make some floating shelves. I only needed small pieces because I was pu…By: CHARLESCRANFORD Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Scrap Wood House Numbers

Make your house stand out on the block with easy to make house numbers made with scrap wood. This Instructable is the project companion to the free Woodworking Class All About Glue. You can read up on some glue theory and then use this project to apply your knowledge.This simple project is great for…By: mikeasaurus(…)