How to Decorate a School Locker

Decorating your locker is a great way to express yourself and impress your friends. Use things like mirrors and storage racks to keep your items neat and organized. Add items like pictures, cut-outs, and carpeting to make your locker your own. Use as many decorations as you’d like! With some supplies and creativity, you can(…)


How to Enjoy High School

The four years of high school can produce some of the most memorable moments of your life. To get the most out of your high school experience, it’s important to focus on your academics while also spending time exploring your passions and friendships. Be yourself as you navigate high school, and don’t be afraid to(…)


Skiing Old School: Wooden Skis

Inspired by my love of skiing, this next project encompasses the art of woodworking to create an old-fashioned pair of skis with today’s modern tools. In Phase 1 we will be discussing the science behind the ski, determining its dimensions for desired performance, and going through each step of const…By: I Follow Aslan Continue Reading(…)


Tiny School Bus Home

So the year is 1979 and my friends all live in old school buses. I was tired of living in the City and paying rent so I decided to build my own Tiny School Bus Home. About the same time I found a book: "Rolling Homes" that lifted bus living to an art form. Since(…)


5 Old School Plumbing Tricks!

What’s up everyone, just another plumbing tricks article and video for you guys, some of these tricks are suggestions from you guys, thank a lot and enjoy. BLACK THREADED STEEL If you’re not used to working with thread black steel piping, here’s a neat trick that’ll save you time and money when w…By: JulioC150 Continue(…)


How to Register a Child for School

Whether you’re enrolling your child in school for the first time or switching schools after a recent move, the registration process is simple. Head down to the central registration office for your school district and complete the necessary registration forms. You’ll need to bring a few important documents along with you, including proof of your(…)


Old School Psychedelic Light Show

Were you alive and kicking in the 1960’s? Do you remember going to concerts at the time? Barbarella? Are you looking to recreate the psychedelic world of days long past? Want a great background for you computer? Look no further this Instructable will walk you through how to do a psychedelic lig…By: TinkeringProductions Continue Reading(…)


“Penny” Board From an Old School Desk.

Materials Old school deskPenny board trucks (Doesn’t need to be that brand, just that size)Skateboard bearings The ones linked here have everything you need. (doesn’t matter what kind, but anything above abec 5 is good)Penny wheels (Doesn’t need to be that brand, just that size)Accompanying hardw…By: Rthametz Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured