Rustic LED Log Lamp

I challenged myself to make some budget lighting and it doesn’t get much more budget than this. The whole lamp cost me less than £5 or $ 6.5 to make.I’m going to show you how I made it with only an off cut of log, a glass Christmas bauble and a set of LED string(…)


Easy Rustic Prop Rack

Most people who have ventured into the art of prop and costume making will know just how much space the hobby can take up. The props that I haven’t yet managed to tactically distribute around the house are mostly piled up at the side of my room. Inspired by examples of pinboard-style tool pin boards…By:(…)


The Rustic Trellis Planter

This is my first ever instructable and entry into the Planter Challenge. I designed an element of the planter in Tinkercad as well, and I’m thrilled to combine my hobbies of woodworking and 3d printing into one project!When I was thinking about the goal of accentuating the natural climbing tendency …By: deemon328 Continue Reading »(…)


Rustic Tennessee Sign

Here is how I made a Rustic Tennessee Shaped sign. I loved the shape of my Home state of Tennessee, and I wanted to make a Rustic sign in that shape, this is what I came up with.You will need the following:CNC Router- I used the X-Carve CNCCad/Cam program- I used Vectric AspirePicture of your(…)


DIY Rustic Frame

These steps will instruct you on how to repurpose a wooden frame to look rustic with flowers. This project gives you a lot of freedom to place the decorations in any location and quantity. Have fun and let your imagination soar!Materials:o A wooden frame of any size (make sure the edges are thick …By: guys110(…)


Rustic Coffee Table

After looking at multiple coffee tables to purchase, I set out to build a relatively inexpensive rustic coffee table for my home. Invest roughly 10 hours of work over the course of a week and $ 100 in materials to build this table. Materials & Tools Materials:(1x) 1x2x8 furring strip(1x) 1x4x4 co…By: blackbird292 Continue Reading(…)