Rustic Wooden Chandelier

The Internet is a fantastic tool to find the inspiration for a project. Just like here at instructables 😀 … For my lighting project, I found my inspiration here: talk about inspiration, because I wanted to have a little more ” rustic-chic ” vs ” rustic-…By: Simon_Cloutier Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Outdoor Rustic Stairs

These stairs fit into a natural landscape well and are easy to make. You will need 8 x 8 pressure treated posts, end cut, and 10 inch galvanized spikes. Remember to paint any cut ends with end cut preservative. To begin with, you should lay a board or run a string all the way up(…)


Rustic Industrial Chain Shelf

Recently our friend, Chris, gifted us a beautiful piece of 30-year-old redwood. We thought it would make a great rustic tray or shelf, both simple and fast to complete projects.The shelf idea won out since we found the perfect place for it. We decided on a rustic shelf with industrial elements that …By: MotherDaughterProjects Continue(…)


Rustic LED Log Lamp

I challenged myself to make some budget lighting and it doesn’t get much more budget than this. The whole lamp cost me less than £5 or $ 6.5 to make.I’m going to show you how I made it with only an off cut of log, a glass Christmas bauble and a set of LED string(…)


Easy Rustic Prop Rack

Most people who have ventured into the art of prop and costume making will know just how much space the hobby can take up. The props that I haven’t yet managed to tactically distribute around the house are mostly piled up at the side of my room. Inspired by examples of pinboard-style tool pin boards…By:(…)


The Rustic Trellis Planter

This is my first ever instructable and entry into the Planter Challenge. I designed an element of the planter in Tinkercad as well, and I’m thrilled to combine my hobbies of woodworking and 3d printing into one project!When I was thinking about the goal of accentuating the natural climbing tendency …By: deemon328 Continue Reading »(…)