Ultimate Router Table & Storage Cabinet (table Saw Extension Wing)

This is a super versatile router lift and storage cabinet built around the Rockler ProLift router lift that lives in the extension wing of my table saw accompanied with some t-track. The whole cabinet is made from ½” aromatic cedar Purebond plywood that I had left over from my plywood dresser build….By: JackmanWorks Continue Reading(…)


The Router Table Fence

Recently, I built a new router table. Technically, I already have two router tables, but they each have fatal flaws.Router table 1 is a store bought Skil contraption. It’s a good table for small projects or job site work, but I outgrew it rather quickly. The small top with recessed miter gauge track…By: -BALES- Continue(…)


Use Raspberry Pi 3 As Router

According to Wikipedia, a router is a networking device that forwards data packets between computer networks. If we tear-down a wireless router, we will probably find an application specific processor that handles data packets and an RF segment that handles wireless connectivity. You know what else…By: miniProjects Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Easy Z-Probe for Your CNC Router

Using a cheap dollar-store set of headphones, a couple of alligator clips and a headphone jack, you can add a Z-Probe to your CNC router.The CNC Router uses a couple of pins for the Z-Probe. When a probe command is issued the router starts moving down (in the Z direction), the pins monitor and when…By:(…)


Router Circle Jig

It’s easy to build your own cheap circle jig for your router.But ALWAYS remember: A router is a dangerous tool. Never swap milling cutter while the router is connected to the wall socket. And always wear safety glasses and ear protection! Go Get Your Parallel Support As most routers are delivered…By: MikeGermany Continue Reading »(…)