Love Box: Love and Rose, Tree and Sea

This is a box full of love, a projection light reflecting love. There are six different patterns with different meanings in the six sides of the cube.• Heart and rose represent love.• Tree means forever.• Sea means generosity.• The clover on the topside represents happiness.• The hole on the bottom …By: Songlin Continue Reading »(…)


Greeting Rose

I designed a special wish/blessing/gift card.There is a rose on the front of the envelope; and when you place the stem of the flower into the down left corner of the envelope where there is a gap, mimic the process of "putting the stem and root into the pot/mud " then the rose will light(…)


Aluminum Rose

I wanted to try this out since I saw a couple of metal steel roses. They looked super cool. I’m no metalworker at all, so I figure this is a great beginner project. The result looks pretty cool and this one I gave away to my wife. Hope she liked it. :-)I used some aluminum(…)


Garden Rose Arbour

As usual my wife needs something. Luckily she’s patient. Sometimes she’ll say” I was thinking of getting this” I’ll say “ But its made badly “ or “ it’s too expensive” and “ I could make that” she’ll say “ but you never have the time”. True – projects suck up a lot of time,(…)


Apple Rose Pastries

Apple Rose Pastries are fun and easy to make, and though they look tough to make, they are actually quite easy and straightforward – the real trick is getting the apple slices thin enough to be flexible – the rest is simple. For a more detailed tutorial, check out my recipe video, which is on(…)


Rose Pitha

Rose pitha – It is a Bangladesh sweet It is fully made with all purpose flour with milk,sugar and ghee.Its a deep fried one and finally soaked in a sugar syrup which gives a very delectable taste.It can be eat as a breakfast or evening tea time snack.Will share this detailed recipe below Ingredien…By: chickcoo(…)


DIY Easy Mother’s Day Rose

Want a rose that she won’t forget? Here is an easy rose that anyone can make. It consists of 4 sheets of paper, small or large whatever your preference. You can make a bouquet out of them or you can just give her a rose. You can attach them to pens or pencils, or a(…)