How to Cook Sausage Rolls

These are simple version that are great for a snack, lunch or cut up small for parties. Start You’ll Need 1/2 Kg or 1 Pound of Beef Mince. You can use pork or chicken mince the choice is yours.Add to the mince:1/2 Tbsp salt1/2 Tbsp black pepper1 Tbsp dried thyme1 Tbsp dried rosemary1/2 Tbsp garli…By:(…)


Armor From Toilet Paper Rolls

No warrior is complete without his armor! Except barbarians… And wizards… Materials Cardboard toilet paper tubes (A lot of them)Duct tapeString or cordScissorsBrass fastenersA paper clip Ready Your Materials Fold all of the toilet paper rolls flat and cut along one of the folds so that you…By: Nemesis-Perilous Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured