How to Build a Rocking Chair

A rocking chair can be one of the most challenging pieces to build if you’re a woodworker since it requires a lot of tools and pieces, but you can still make a unique chair on your own. Rocking chairs need to have the right balance and weight when you make them or else they can(…)


Kids Rocking Chair

Made A kid’s Chair with my dad for my 4 foot brother 🙂 it’s not a laid back rocker, because we designed it to make it easier for him since he can’t sit still. Plans We drew out a basic idea of what we wanted, but we kept it simple because we were aware we(…)


Soft Rocking Chair Bottom

When my husband bought this antique rocker I feared that the bottom would bust out and before long it did. For months we stuffed pillows in it for a bottom. The time had come to fix it. It is not hard to upholster something like this if you have the right materials. It is supremely(…)


Rocking Chair for Garden

Its a very good rocking chair for garden or cottage.But only then you make it by do it yourself. If you have to pay someone for it, it will be too expensive. Not to mention the fact that in the garden or near the summer cottage will like such a few and more Blueprint Attach(…)



I have been remodelling an old apartment. As usual, there is much material that ends up not been used.So, I ended up with a few boards and pieces of wood that had to be thrown away or transformed into wood for the fireplace.But as I have a grand-daughter who is 13 months old, soon the(…)