Cast Pewter Rocket Badge

I have idly thought for meany years that I ought to do some metal work.What put me off was, to be frank, laziness. Being from a steel town, my mental image of "working with metal" involves huge furnaces, forges and really heavy tools.Then I realised two things:The melting point of pewter is only ar…By: Kiteman(…)


Rocket Stove

This piece of engineering is a rocket stove. Ehm… These are two pieces of stainless steel chimney pipes. I screwed them together. These are drywall metal profile scraps. I made a back support out of one of them. These are drywall metal profile scraps. I made a front support out of one …By: Waldemar Sha(…)


How to Make a Rocket Stove

In this Instructable I make a rocket stove that can be used to cook on. I wanted a stove for emergencies that wasn’t reliant on compressed gas or alcohol and while those fuels are very easy and reliable, if you run out and you can’t buy more you are stuck. Its fuel source is wood,(…)


Landing a Rocket Vertically, Without Being a Billionaire Aka Rocket Drone

This is my patent pending Rocket Drone.Since SpaceX and Blue Origin achieved the vertical landing of their own rockets, to obtain the reusability of the Falcon 9 and the New Shepard, I’ve been fascinated (and obsessed at the same time), by these accomplishments. In short words, I’ve designed my own …By: RC Lover san Continue(…)


Transform the Water Rocket Launch Pad Into a Pyro Rocket One… in Seconds!!!

I’ve already published an Instructables that helps you to build your own PVC Water Rocket Launch Pad equipped with Gardena connector.…(It actually was among the finalists of the PVC contest 🙂 Anyway, after building and launching a lot of water ro…By: RC Lover san Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Diy Poster Tube Rocket

this is my first instructable i have built…it was a rocket that i used a tube that a poster came in.!!!!!I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR STUPIDITY BUILD THIS AT YOUR OWN RISC!!!!! The Setup my teacher had ordered a poster for the class room and then had an empty tube.i went around the classroom(…)


Gwenpool Rocket Launcher

When I got my Gwenpool cosplay and fell in love with it, I knew I needed a fun prop that stood out and fit Gwenpool’s personality. I figured hey, Gwenpool likes exploding things, maybe I can make a giant rocket launcher! After a LOT of research and frustration, this is the process I came up(…)