DIY Cardboard Robotic Arm

Hello, I am Nishant Chandna from India. I am 14 years old. For this cardboard contest, I have made this cardboard robotic arm. It is quite easy to make. Make it and have fun. Please support me and share your views in the comments section below. This robotic arm is made using cardboard. Thank you(…)


Automated Soldering Robotic Arm

This instructable shows how to solder electronic parts in your PCB using Robotic Arm The Idea of this project came to my mind accidentally when I was searching for the different abilities of robotic arms, then I found that there is a few who covers this area of usage (Automated Welding & Soldering R…By: ahmedazouz(…)


Robotic E-textile

Hello! My name is Fiberbot, and I am so happy you are going to be making more of my friends. In this instructables you will learn exactly how to make a robot that looks just like me. I will also let you in on a little secret and share with you how to make me(…)


Robotic Bead Sorting

In this project, we will be building a robot to sort Perler beads by colour.I have always wanted to build a colour sorting robot, so when my daughter got interested in Perler bead crafting, I saw this as a perfect opportunity.Perler beads are used to create fused art projects by placing many beads o…By: kalfalfa(…)


Pick and Place Robotic Arm

It’s night-time and you’re on your desk, burning the midnight oil to finish off with your project which is due the next day. There are tons of things left to do and it seems to be taking forever to finish! Only if you had more than two hands!Psst. What if you were told that it(…)