DIY Cardboard Dancing Robot

Hey guys, I’m Angelo, a form 4 student studying at HK, today I’m gonna show you to make a cardboard dancing robot based on some parts on the OTTO robot and its arduino program. So what are you waiting for? Let’s start building! 1- arduino nano board x12- arduino shield board x13- cardboard box x14…By:(…)


Escape Robot : RC Car for an Escape Game

The main purpose of this project was to build a robot that would differentiate itself from already existing robots, and that could be used in a real and innovative area.Based on personal experience, it was decided to build a car-shaped robot that would be implemented in an Escape Game. Thanks to the…By: EscaBot Continue Reading(…)



Everyone enjoys having plants at home, but sometimes with our busy lives we don’t find the time to take well care of them. From this problem we came up with an idea: Why not building a robot that would take care of it for us ? This project consists of a plant-robot that takes care(…)