Capers II, a Hexapod Robot

This Instructable will show you how to build your very own hexapod robot, I call the design Capers II. Robot DesignA hexapod robot is a robot with six legs. Each leg is actuated by three servos: one for forward/backward movement, one for up/down movement, and one to bend the leg in the middle. This…By: Toglefritz(…)


Robot Gong: Ultimate Hackaton Project Idea for Sales and Product Geeks (No Coding Required)

Let’s build a robotic musical gong triggered by email. This allows you to setup automated email alerts to fire off the gong… (via SalesForce, Trello, Basecamp…)Your team will never again forget to "GONGGG" when new code releases, a deal closes, or when lunch is ready!No Time to DIY? Visit…By: robotgong Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Face Changing Robot

when you turn the ear of the robot, the robot face will change to be smile, happy, angry or fall in love, let try to make one. Design the robot image design the robot on paper, just design the front and left view. Design the 3d model design the 3d model in 3dsmax,divide the parts(…)


Line Follower Robot Using WitBlox

Building a Robot has always thrilled us. Building an Intelligent Robot that can take its own decision is even more thrilling. Let’s build a Line Follower Robot today using WitBlox. Line follower is an autonomous robot which follows either black line in white are or white line in black area. Robot mu…By: SumanP3 Continue Reading(…)


6WD Shock Absorption Robot

The new design of the 6WD mobile platform, the vehicle uses 2mm aluminum alloy, aluminum spray surface treatment. 6 high-speed DC motor (original 17000 rpm), with 1:34 full metal gear box, so that the car to obtain strong off-road performance.Shock absorption design is the highlight of the car, the …By: wsurging Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)