Robot Chicken Door

I need a new chicken coup as the old one was to close to the house we kept getting visits from chickens who would crap everywhere. Also, I’m lazy, so this is how I made a chicken coup with a remote control door. I was surprised that it even worked, the coup is over 100(…)


Waterbot: Arduino Robot Boat

The Waterbot is a robotics arduino boat. He can be programmed from scratch using arduino tools or just built and contolled using the LittleBots app.At Slant, for the past two years, we have been developing and manufacturing 3D printed arduino robotics kits. Up to this point we have created 5When we …By: Slant Concepts Continue(…)


Low Rider Robot Car

This Instructable will show you how to build a low rider robot car built from a variety of inexpensive thin flat items and the low cost STEAMbot Robot NC Kit. Once built, the robot car can be remotely control via a free mobile app. You will also be able to program the robot car via(…)


Soccer Robot

These small devices run mad! Each consists of a vibrating motor, a battery, some wires. How to Make 一, MaterialsThe following are the parts and materials you will need in order to complete this project. (1) Vibrating Motor, I use two different kinds of motors. (2) LR44 Button Cell Battery (3) clo…By: Chung Jack Continue(…)


Arduino Robot Arm

Arduino robot arms are among the most popular DIY projects. We decided to make ours out of recycled materials we found in our workshop. We hope you enjoy this build. ​Electronics Main components Arduino UNO3 SparkFun Servos (Generic Metal Gear)PS2 Joystick 2 axis moduleSecondary components Vol…By: Circuito io Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured