Cutlery Made From Rice

Woudn’t it be nice if we could do without all the plastic forkes, knives and spoons we get with takeaway?One alternative would be cutlery from rice. It is eays to make, breakes as easy as the plastik stuff and dekays in a short time.After an intense session of scrubbing a pot, that I had used(…)


Sweet Rice Balls

Sweet rice balls/Paal kolukatai- I have learnt this recipe from my grand mother. She make most delicious paal kolukatai all the time.I asked her the recipe today finally i made it. It came out so well.She usually prepare this as evening snack.Remember dont over cook after adding thick coconut milk. …By: chickcoo flavors Continue Reading(…)


Rice Cookie Treats

I love eating rice. I love eating crispy stuff. I love eating cookies. I love eating treats. Why not make…RICE COOKIE TREATS?! These tasty morsels are pretty much cookies wrapped in a huge, goey, yummy Rice Krispy Treat. Sounds delicious… Make Your Cookie The first step to making a Rice Cooki…By: SparkyGiraffe Continue Reading »(…)