1.3 Inches RetroPie Zero

This instructables show how to use a 1.3" LCD HAT to make a tiny RetroPie Zero. Preparation RPi ZeroBoth Raspberry Pi Zero and Raspberry Pi Zero W is ok. WiFi version can make subsequent setup easier but in contrast it may draining more power continuously, i.e. shorter battery life.LCD HATWavesha…By: 陳亮 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Retropie Tactical Field Unit

Have you ever been camping, and really wanted to play Galaga? Get ready for some good news. Behold the Retropie Tactical Field Unit! This is a portable Raspberry Pi laptop/Retropie setup, enclosed in a waterproof case, similar to a Pelican case. The screen is mounted on the inside of the lid, and th…By: BenM19 Continue(…)


Retro-Gaming Machine with Raspberry PI, RetroPie and Homemade Case

Some time ago I found a Linux distribution for Raspberry Pi named RetroPie. I found out immediately that it is a great idea with a great implementation. One-purpose retro-gaming system without unnecessary features. Brilliant.Soon after, I decided to buy a new Raspberry Pi, on which I wanted to run t…By: MarPok Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Retropie Ikea Arcade Table

The Ikea Raspberry Pi arcade table is an awesome way to hack the Ikea Lack series of living room furniture into a fully functioning plug and play retro arcade system. It requires only a basic knowledge of computing and woodwork, and makes for a stunning centrepiece for any living room, as well as be…By: parttimemaker(…)


Wooden HandHeld Games Console RetroPie Bullet Button, and Missile Switch

Here is a relatively definitive guide on how to build your own handheld games console out of wood, using bullet shells for buttons and a missile switch as a power switch. It works with RetroPie and EmulationStation on the Raspberry Pi and includes a tiny audio amplifier, speakers and a LithiumIon …By: HowardLJTaylor Continue Reading(…)


DIY Retropie Arcade in a Fancy Wooden Box

Here’s how I made this awesome little RetroPie arcade that just looks like a nice wooden box when it’s not in use.I’ll cover everything in this tutorial except downloading/installing .rom files (the actual games). A quick Google search is all you need there.I’ve also attached the YouTube tutorial I …By: robertjkeller Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Atari Retropie Console

In this instructable, I would like to show you how to create this custom case for a Raspberry Pi Zero powered Retropie gaming system. It features a four port USB hub, power switch, LED indicator light and all the retro look of an Atari 2600 cartridge. Supply List For this project, you will need …By:(…)


Retro-CM3: a Powerful RetroPie Handled GAME Console

This instructable is inspired by the adafruit’s PiGRRL Zero, Wermy’s original Gameboy Zero build and GreatScottLab’s Handled Game Console. Those RetroPie based game console use the raspberry pi zero(W) as their core. BUT, after I have built several the Pi Zero Consoles, two main problems were found….By: DeanChu Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured