How to Restore Faded Clothes

It can be really frustrating to buy colorful clothing only to see it fade as soon as you wash it. Luckily, there are a few different ways you can restore the vibrant color to your garments. Sometimes, detergent can build up on laundry, making it look dull. In that case, washing your clothes with salt(…)


How to Restore Your Lawn

A perfectly green and healthy lawn is every homeowner’s dream. Whether you’re outside barbecuing for the family, or soaking in the sunlight, a luscious lawn is a perfect complement to the ideal summer fantasy. By maintaining proper lawn care tips and clearing out debris that is suffocating your turf, you can bring your ideal lawn(…)


Toddler Push / Kick Bike Restore

Walking through the antique show in Hillsville VA I saw an older push / kick bike I have never seen before. Made an offer and the rest is history. If anyone has information on this little bike please leave a comment.From my reading and searching I do believe it is wither "Playskool" or "fisherprice"…By: jones424(…)


How to Restore Sun Damaged Plastic

Any plastic that comes into contact with the sun will eventually crack and lose coloring. Knowing this, you can preserve valuable items by regularly treating them with commercial plastic conditioning products. If the damage is severe, hydrogen peroxide can reverse the damage, but it should only be used on white or gray products. If all(…)


How to Restore a Vintage Milk Can

In this Instructable, I will show you the process I used to restore this old Vintage Milk Can, from old rusty can, into a nice Welcome decor for my Mom’s house. This Milk can, came from my Grandfather’s farm years ago, I remember as a child my Uncle Milking cows by hand. They use to(…)