Resin Casting Pecky Cypress

In this instructable you’ll learn how to cast pecky cypress in resin. What is pecky cypress? It’s easy, yet some what complicated. Pecky cypress is what it says, cypress. But it’s no ordinary cypress, it’s 100s of years old and harvested from swamps and bogs in the southern United States. It gets it…By: GabeK9 Continue(…)


LED Resin Lamp V4

This is my 4th iteration of the LED Resin Lamp. The main difference between this lamp and the other 3 is you can change the batteries with this one, whist the others had the batteries embedded inside the resin. It seems batteries like to breath and encasing them directly into the resin has meant t…By:(…)


Epoxy Resin Ocean Table

In this instructable, I show you how to make an epoxy resin ocean table and why this table has special meaning to my family and me. Be sure to watch the video.My family and I love spending time at the beach. We love the sand, the ocean, the warm sun, and everything a day at(…)


Easy Resin Ornaments and More

This Instructable is all about casting resin into amazing and easy Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers. You can do these for any holiday and with any theme you want, I just am using holiday themed cards for it… sooooo it’s Christmas in May up in here. :)Let’s start by gathering up our tools and…By: AngleAh(…)


Resin and Wood Ring Band

In this instructables i will show and explain how i made this Resin and wood ring band. I love working with wood and resin and testing out new projects this is my first ring band. This item will fit nicely in your pocket or on your finger :-)My tip is how to make a wood(…)


Recreating the Universe in the “Cosmic Rift” Table; AKA: How to Build a Resin Table Like a Boss!

After building several resin river tables, each one more elaborate than it’s predecessor, I struggled to figure out how to top my last one… I wanted to build something epic, something that I had never seen before that I hopefully shouldn’t have to struggle too hard to sell upon completion. Ive…By: PartCraft Continue Reading »(…)


Resin USB drive

I had a couple of old USB drives lying around and decided to free them from their cases and give them a new life. Seeing the circuit boards made me think it was a shame to cover them up, so I decided to cast the USB drives in resin. This protects the circuit board without(…)