Resin and Wood Ring Band

In this instructables i will show and explain how i made this Resin and wood ring band. I love working with wood and resin and testing out new projects this is my first ring band. This item will fit nicely in your pocket or on your finger :-)My tip is how to make a wood(…)


Recreating the Universe in the “Cosmic Rift” Table; AKA: How to Build a Resin Table Like a Boss!

After building several resin river tables, each one more elaborate than it’s predecessor, I struggled to figure out how to top my last one… I wanted to build something epic, something that I had never seen before that I hopefully shouldn’t have to struggle too hard to sell upon completion. Ive…By: PartCraft Continue Reading »(…)


Resin USB drive

I had a couple of old USB drives lying around and decided to free them from their cases and give them a new life. Seeing the circuit boards made me think it was a shame to cover them up, so I decided to cast the USB drives in resin. This protects the circuit board without(…)


Wood and Resin LED Lamp

A decorative build to brighten the mood wherever you are! Cut Lamp Piece Cut the portion I wanted to use as the lamp from a Cherry slab using a Jig saw. Stabilize Wood The section of cherry with the most impressive grain patter was slightly rotted so I used Minwax wood hardener to firm it(…)


Photo Cube in Resin

After thoroughly searching Instructables I was surprised that I was unable to find instructions on making a picture cube embedded in resin quite like the one I needed for this Christmas. This I knew would be the perfect gift for my family members as it fits nicely with The Mad Wrapper’s 2017 (quirk…By: TheMadWrapper Continue(…)


Resin rainbow nebula

Like staring into the Galaxy far far away. I find myself incandescently happy creating these fractal finery . Slated for Jewelry yet suitable for so many things. The clean sophisticated surroundings of metal with thin Dichroic looking film that has been altered to resemble what I can only imagi…By: The Juliart Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Circular Wood Resin End Table

An end table that highlights the natural edge of wood, but with a colorful twist. Material List Materials: Vacuum former:3 24×48 pieces of MdF board cut into 24×24" squaresJigsawDuct tapeDrill for holesVacuumTinfoilQuartz infrared space heater Polystyrene sheetTable:Live edge woodJigsawWood round…By: imagellanic Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


How to Make Resin Art on a Canvas

Hey Everyone, Jeremy Hoffpauir here. In this instructable, I show you how to make resin art on a canvas. I use multiple techniques to create cells and unique blending, which are both awesome resin art effects.Materials I Used: Epoxy ResinAcrylic PaintSilicone OilHeat GunBlank CanvasRubber GlovesLar…By: jeremyhoffpauir Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Stainless Steel Coffee Table With Ceramic Top and CNC Resin Incerts build

Hello and a warm welcome to all Instructables community. So, this is my 13th Instructables. If you like my project then don’t forget to vote, like and share.Also, don’t forget to visit my YouTube channel and subscribe.Hello And warm We are using this old table for almost more than 15 years and I thi…By: AMbros(…)