Robot Gong: Ultimate Hackaton Project Idea for Sales and Product Geeks (No Coding Required)

Let’s build a robotic musical gong triggered by email. This allows you to setup automated email alerts to fire off the gong… (via SalesForce, Trello, Basecamp…)Your team will never again forget to "GONGGG" when new code releases, a deal closes, or when lunch is ready!No Time to DIY? Visit…By: robotgong Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Retrofit BLE Control to High Power Loads – No Extra Wiring Required

This instructable covers BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) control of an existing load in the range 10W to 1000W. The power is remotely switch from your Android Mobile via pfodApp. No extra wiring is required, just add the BLE control circuit to the existing switch. Often when retrofitting home automation …By: drmpf Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Semi-live Software Music (nothing Other Than a Computer Required)

You may have looked longingly at the expensive synthesizers that you can find in shops, and wished you had the disposable income to afford them. I mean, playing with sound is great fun isn’t it? Fortunately, today’s computers are powerful enough to be able to do software sound synthesis, and so long…By: sdfgeoff Continue Reading(…)


DIY Crop Top Hoodie + Shorts Set (No Sewing Required)

Here’s another fun summer DIY! This is an easy and quick way to transform a basic hoodie and sweatpants into a hooded crop top and shorts set with no sewing at all! Enjoy! :)Full video tutorial: Gather Materials What you’ll need: Fabric glue: http://am…By: miairajennings Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


DIY Plunging Halter Top (No Sewing Required)

Here is an extremely quick and easy DIY way to transform a basic fitted shirt into a plunging halter top with no sewing! Another fun project for summer. Enjoy! :)Full video tutorial: Gather Materials What you’ll need:Basic shirt with a snug fitFabric sc…By: miairajennings Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured