Remote Control Camera Dolly

Something very handy to have if you shoot video is a camera dolly. It’s even cooler if it’s powered, and having it remotely controlled is the icing on the cake. Here we build a remote control camera dolly for under $ 50 (at the time of this writing). Tools and Materials Tools Drill and bits(…)


How to Train Remote Employees

Remote employees can offer many great benefits for your business. Training these employees, however, may present some unique challenges. If your employees live far away from your place of business, make sure that you have set up a consistent and reliable communication platform. Send them well-crafted training materials so that they can teach themselves how(…)


How to Fix Any Remote at Home

Recently, i also found that the few buttons on my Tv remote had stopped working. The only solution i knew was to buy a new remote from market. Soon, i bought a new remote but found that its quality was nowhere near to the original remote and i was not able to find a good(…)


Convert your IR Remote to RF Remote

In today’s Instructable, I’ll show you how you can use a generic RF module without a microcontroller which will eventually lead us to build a project where you can convert an IR Remote of any device to a RF Remote. The main advantage of converting an IR Remote to RF, is that, you don’t have(…)


All-In-One Remote

With so many options for televised entertainment, it’s tough to wrangle all the remotes in my life. I even bought one of those all-in-one remotes that doers the job of 3 remotes, but that’s not enough to capture additional remotes that aren’t in the mainstream spectrum, like my gamepad, mouse, or an…By: pranksgiving Continue Reading(…)


Lithophane Box With Remote

Having been inspired once I learned about Lithophanes, I decided to design a Lithophane box using some LED light strip bits I had, using a simple 3D printed box. I chose to use the light strip system since I could control the colour and amount of light, as well as providing light fading through var…By:(…)