The Universal MQTT Remote

Hi everyone, First of all, I’m french, so that’s possible that some sentences make no sense, I’m sorry, I work hard to be better. I currently work on home automation in my condo. I used OpenHab2 and mosquitto as software. I’m not an expert in these two softwares but I know how they work generally.(…)


How to Make a Remote Control Car

Remote Control toys can be seen in hands of every next door kid. The market these days is flooded with variety of toys and gadgets yet there is no more fun than to build your own remote control car.In this instructable, i decided show you how to make a Remote Control Car at home. Instead(…)


Universal Arduino Remote

Okay, the image is a bit misleading, there are not "over 9000" buttons on this remote, but rather 400 buttons. Still, with this remote, you can control up to 20 devices controlled through infrared (IR), with 20 different actions.What is it?It is a universal remote based on an Arduino board.Why this …By: Matlek Continue Reading(…)


1KM Range Remote Controlled Car

Since I was little kid I was amazed by the remote Controlled Cars but their range never exceeded 10 meters. After I learned some Arduino programming I finally decided to build my own Remote Controlled Car that can go up to 1KM range using the nRF24L01+ module. My main goal was to make a car(…)


Joystick Controlled Remote Car

We always are interested in remote controlled cars. Here I’ll show a way to use the Joystick module with Arduino and build a remote controlled car using Infra-Red as the transmitting medium.This will be an interesting project for a wireless car and will be interactive too since it uses joystick that…By: SayantanM4 Continue Reading »(…)