How to Fix Any Remote at Home

Recently, i also found that the few buttons on my Tv remote had stopped working. The only solution i knew was to buy a new remote from market. Soon, i bought a new remote but found that its quality was nowhere near to the original remote and i was not able to find a good(…)


Convert your IR Remote to RF Remote

In today’s Instructable, I’ll show you how you can use a generic RF module without a microcontroller which will eventually lead us to build a project where you can convert an IR Remote of any device to a RF Remote. The main advantage of converting an IR Remote to RF, is that, you don’t have(…)


All-In-One Remote

With so many options for televised entertainment, it’s tough to wrangle all the remotes in my life. I even bought one of those all-in-one remotes that doers the job of 3 remotes, but that’s not enough to capture additional remotes that aren’t in the mainstream spectrum, like my gamepad, mouse, or an…By: pranksgiving Continue Reading(…)


Lithophane Box With Remote

Having been inspired once I learned about Lithophanes, I decided to design a Lithophane box using some LED light strip bits I had, using a simple 3D printed box. I chose to use the light strip system since I could control the colour and amount of light, as well as providing light fading through var…By:(…)