How to Register a Child for School

Whether you’re enrolling your child in school for the first time or switching schools after a recent move, the registration process is simple. Head down to the central registration office for your school district and complete the necessary registration forms. You’ll need to bring a few important documents along with you, including proof of your(…)


How to Register an Emotional Support Dog

Emotional support dogs provide support for individuals suffering from mental health conditions. They are not allowed in all public places like service animals are, but there are legal protections that require them to be allowed in no-pet housing and on flights. There is no agency that registers emotional support dogs. However, getting a letter from(…)


Shift Register With 7 Segment Display

This circuit takes the input of the shift register and outputs the binary representation to 4 LEDs and a 7-segment display. It incorporates a 4-bit bidirectional shift register, BCD to 7-segment display driver, a 7-segment common anode display, a line buffer, several LEDs for checking outputs, sever…By: calvinjarrod Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


A Chinese regulator is ordering app stores to register with the government

In a notice posted to its website on Friday, the Cyberspace Administration of China announced that it would be requiring mobile app stores to register with its offices in an attempt to clamp down on fraudulent applications. The rules go into effect on Monday, January 16th, and follow a 2016 law designed to restrict apps(…)