Clothing Assistant by Color Recognition for (color) Blind People – TfCD

Context Current environment recognition is an emerging technology, probably because as much data as possible is gained by companies to offer product commercials specifically for their intended users. However, environment recognition can also be used to improve the diminished capabilities of people w…By: FemkeM1 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Arduino Voice Recognition Remote Control Car/Spider Robot/BB8… Nearly Everything

I’ve submitted this project to the Make it Move challenge… you like it, please vote!I wanted to control my RC 360 Degree Stunt Car (which is also the motor unit I’ve built for my RC Lego BB8),…using…By: RC Lover san Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Facebook buys another facial recognition company to help it compete with Snapchat

Facebook has scooped up another facial recognition startup to help bolster its photo and video ambitions. The company, called FacioMetrics, was started by Carnegie Mellon students last year and it specialized in using machine learning algorithms to let smartphones analyze faces in real time through the frame of a camera. In a statement obtained by(…)


Microsoft reaches ‘human parity’ with new speech recognition system

Researchers at Microsoft have published details of new speech recognition technology that they say transcribes conversational speech as well as a human does. “We’ve reached human parity,” says Microsoft’s chief speech scientist Xuedong Huang in a statement. “This is an historic achievement.” The system’s word error rate is reported to be 5.9 percent, which Microsoft says(…)


Google buys machine vision startup focusing on ‘instant object recognition’

It’s a good time to be a machine learning startup. Two weeks after Twitter bought London-based Magic Pony, Google has purchased French firm Moodstocks. The acquisition was made for an unknown sum, and seems primarily a grab for talent. Moodstocks’ engineers and researchers will move to Google’s Paris R&D site, and the startup’s primary commercial product(…)