Realistic LED Candle

If you’ve even seen a fake candle you have probably noticed how it doesn’t look realistic. Whether you’re trying to add some atmosphere to a dinner or light up a jack’o-lantern, your choices are limited. A real candle has a fire hazard, but a fake candle will look tacky. If only there were a safe(…)


Realistic Torn Flesh Effect Makeup

If you’re like me then, you’ve always been drawn more towards the scary and disturbing side of Halloween costumes and decor. This instructable will teach you how to easily acheive a torn flesh effect, without spending a ridiculous amount of money in the process. I’ve used this cool makeup technique …By: Kylieeleanne Continue Reading »(…)


Realistic Candle

Hey everyone! Yeliz here again, with another project taking advantage of Sony’s Mesh GPIO. This project builds on the concept of electric candles. List of Parts:Jumper WiresMini Breadboard9V BatteryAt least 1 LED cathode, preferably RGBMosaic Candle holder, at least 3"x3"x3"Sound SensorMesh GPIO Tag…By: MESHprj Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Realistic Moon Lamp

Build a realistic, detail rich lamp from fiberglass that looks like a lunar surface! Building a realistic fiberglass lunar sphere For this instructable, I set out to create a lamp that looked as realistically like the moon, as we view it with the unaided eye, as possible. I have been searching fo…By: Charlie Chumrats Continue(…)


Renault’s R.S. 2027 concept is an upsettingly realistic take on the future of F1

What good is a concept if it’s not a little outrageous? The auto manufacturers and teams of Formula One pour a lot of money into the sport, so every now and then they like to try and wow everybody with their vision of where F1 is headed. They’re often outlandish, always a bit weird, and(…)