Easy PVC File Storage Rack

This is a super easy project that probably doesn’t even need an Instructable but I decided to make one anyway. I usually store all my files in a drawer and I wanted a storage solution that allowed for easy access and clean up. I used some left over PVC pipe and scrap wood for this(…)


Easy Rustic Prop Rack

Most people who have ventured into the art of prop and costume making will know just how much space the hobby can take up. The props that I haven’t yet managed to tactically distribute around the house are mostly piled up at the side of my room. Inspired by examples of pinboard-style tool pin boards…By:(…)


Industrial Freestanding Coat Rack

This is a project that will produce an industrial-chic freestanding coat rack using all the tools and materials you can find at a worksite!Imagine you are stuck with a bunch of construction supplies and you suddenly need to whip up a project….. Our Saga Begins…. CrazyClever finds herself read…By: CrazyClever Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Modern Coat Rack

This tutorial will show you how to build a modern coat rack. This modern coat rack design made from Black Walnut wood is both stylish and functional. Whether you’re looking for a coat rack in your foyer or mudroom and whether your interior design style is modern farmhouse or craftsman, this coat ra…By: BorkWood Continue(…)


Chain Hook Coat Rack

How to make your own custom live edged chain hook coat rack.I made this coat rack because I am from a logging family and I am around chains a lot so this inspired me to make a coat rack out of the hooks from chains. I came up with the idea to come up with(…)


Easy Skateboard Rack

After having build my own skateboard, I needed a rack to store them: my wife wasn’t that happy to see all the boards around…I designed this one after a little surf on the net.I build it using MDF 18mm thick. I have used two 66 x 24 cm sheets for the sides, one 42 x(…)