Desk Solder and Wire Rack

To be able to remove clutter from my desk, and be able to more easily work on electronics projects, I needed a way to be able to hold my solder spool above the work piece that I soldered. The holder I came up with is this PPR pipe rack that is extremely easy to be(…)


DIY Wine Rack

I originally saw this on Reddit and decided that this would be a great Christmas present for my mom since she likes these crafty things. This was a simple but fun build that pretty much any amateur can do, hence why I built it. Anyway, here are the tools and materials that I used to(…)


Disk Rack

This Dish Rack was made from materials sourced from an old DVD player and some 3d Printed Parts.This was created as part of coursework for IDN1002. Preparing the Components Fist, Disassemble the DVD player. Ensure to keep the power cord, the top and bottom shells, and the disc player holder. Usin…By: ConnorM89 Continue Reading »(…)


Ultimate Mobile Clamp Rack

I built this awesome mobile clamp rack for clamp storage. Now I can wheel all of my clamps over to a work surface instead of carrying them a few at a time. Don’t miss the full build tutorial video above for more details Things I Used in This Project: ISOtunes Bluetooth Hearing ProtectionUltimia…By: April Wilkerson(…)


Easy PVC File Storage Rack

This is a super easy project that probably doesn’t even need an Instructable but I decided to make one anyway. I usually store all my files in a drawer and I wanted a storage solution that allowed for easy access and clean up. I used some left over PVC pipe and scrap wood for this(…)


Easy Rustic Prop Rack

Most people who have ventured into the art of prop and costume making will know just how much space the hobby can take up. The props that I haven’t yet managed to tactically distribute around the house are mostly piled up at the side of my room. Inspired by examples of pinboard-style tool pin boards…By:(…)