How to Make a Quick Homemade Bread

Certain meals call for a loaf of fresh bread, but you don’t always have time to wait hours on end for it to rise. When you need hearty, fresh bread in under an hour, making this quick recipe won’t let you down. This crusty, fragrant bread is the perfect partner for any meal. [Edit]Ingredients 2(…)


Quick Potato and Leek Soup

This soup is quick and easy to make, but best of all, the end result is a rich and tasty dish that drives all thoughts of the cold outside from your mind!This receipe is a slight adaption from one that was given to me by my sister when I first left home. The collection of(…)


Get Rich Quick Gold Bars

Well, probably not. But you can imagine being the wealthiest person in the world with your own stockpile of gold bars. Make these faux gold bullion bars to impress your friends when they come over to watch the big game on your small screen TV.Probably worth not more than the cardboard they are made …By:(…)


Installing a Quick Release End Vise

After adding an inexpensive leg-vise and sliding deadman, I wanted to finish our Roubo-inspired workbench by adding a quick-release end vise. With the help of a pair of wood, plastic, or metal bench dogs the vise makes it possible to quickly secure boards to the top of the bench for hand planing and…By: AroundHome Continue(…)


Quick and Spooky: Improving Dollar Store Skeleton Hands With a Heat Gun for Halloween

My son requested skeleton hands coming out of the ground for Halloween decorations. I wanted some that were inexpensive, looked relatively realistic, and didn’t take hours of cutting and sculpting. This project cost about $ 2 and took less than an hour.The dollar store had a selection of blow molded …By: Abschroeder Continue Reading »(…)


Quick, Easy Marker Holder

My dry erase markers in my classrooms never work. I go to the white board, pick up a marker from the tray, start to write, and the marker just doesn’t work. I have taken to keeping most of my markers in a cup on my desk where I can keep the markers stored vertically. But(…)


Quick and Easy Mushrooms.

This is one of my favourite side dish. Me and my friends often have a gathering where we play board games and eat tapas. In this instructable I will teach you an quick and easy recipe.What do you need: Chestnut mushrooms (regular white button mushrooms can also be used) Garlic 3/4 cloves Parsley Whi…By: glennederveen(…)


Binocular Collimation Quick and Easy Method Without Prism Adjustment

Some time ago I bought a second-hand pair of Porro prism Frank Nipole binoculars from a camera shop. Although I tested them before purchasing it was only after I had started to use them for longer periods that I realised there was a discrepancy between the views within each eyepiece. The presence…By: Organikmechanic Continue Reading(…)