Thien Baffle Dust Extractor With Quick Change Bucket

This project is inspired by Hector Acevedo’s tiltable shopvac dust collector. https://woodgears.ca/reader/hector/shopvac.htmlInstead of tilting the top section, my design incorporates Matthias Wandel’s foot lever idea for a quick and easy bucket release:https://woodgears.ca/dust_collector/separato…By: Bverysharp Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Quick Guilty Free Veggies Sandwich

A simple, yet super flavorful sandwich recipe made of roasted veggies and vegan chicken nuggets. Roasted vegetables sandwich? When I heard that word, I was like nope definitely a no for me. Trust me. This sandwich is delicious, and the best part is that you will feel healthier and happier after eati…By: RecipeRemix Continue Reading(…)


Custom Quick Link

I needed a quick link I cannot buy so I can attach a special tool* to the handle on my weed trimmer and always have the special tool available. This Instructable will demonstrate how I made it by means of photos showing the making of a second quick link.Materials–Steel rod (usually the same diamete…By: Phil(…)



I need drawers for the various work benches I’ve made. I figured I’d add one to my router table. Welcome to my little shop build of a drawer for my router table. I’m an old-timer. What I build is not necessarily pretty, but it is functional. I gathered material for this project by dumpster di…By:(…)


Quick Crispy Fried Ramen

This crispy ramen takes 5 minutes to cook and is very tasty. All you need is some cooking oil spray, some packet ramen, and seasoning. You will also need a bag (or the one the ramen came in), and an air fryer. Split the Ramen I am using Maruchan instant packet ramen. However, by default(…)