Magic Money Puzzle Gift Box

This a very cool box that you can give to someone for a special occasion with money in it. It’s fun to watch them try opening it. 1 .table saw or band saw2. wood of choice3. router3. drill & drill bit set4. clear plastic for the top5. 3/8" dovetail router bit 6. planer or sander7.(…)


Minimalist Nativity Puzzle Set

Hello Instructables!Here’s an original design I came up with for a minimalist Nativity Set, which I made as Christmas gifts for friends and family this year.The set consists of Jesus in the Trough with Mary and Joseph, with 3 Wise Men bearing gifts, and a Shepherd boy with his 2 sheep. All the geome…By: ucn(…)


Wooden State Heart Puzzle

I decided to combine the idea of a simple state ornament with heart cutout and basic wooden puzzle. The result is these cute state puzzles with a heart piece! These are meant to be for younger kids, but make sure the pieces are big enough for whoever uses it.I have made these as mini puzzles,(…)


3 Piece Burr Puzzle

I made a 12 piece burr puzzle shown here a while back and my friends/family enjoyed playing with it. This smaller/simpler version has only 3 pieces and is similar in construction to Sythe101’s shown here. In addition to the wood version shown, I’ve created STL and STP files for a version that can …By: mtairymd(…)


Wooden Shapes Puzzle

My daughter loves puzzles and recently got interested in shapes. I decided to make her a wooden puzzle with basic shapes using my Glowforge laser cutter. This can also be made with woodworking tools.You can use as many different shapes and colors as you want. I also show how you can use either thick…By: Penolopy(…)


The Color Mixing Puzzle

White light is made up of many colors of light. This Instructable shows how you can split up, redirect and recombine colored light using prism cubes in a mini "puzzle" that challenges you to think about white light in terms of its constituents parts. What’s an X-Cube? In digital projectors, prism…By: marciot Continue Reading »(…)


Multiplying Chocolate Puzzle

Puzzle Directions: Rearrange the broken pieces of chocolate so that there are two more rectangles of chocolate than when you started.Overview: This Instructable will show you how to 3D print and decorate a puzzle that creates the illusion of pulling chocolate out of thin air (But don’t eat it!).My d…By: RickInventions Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


2D to 3D Puzzle: Mini Log Cabin

When people normally think about Puzzles, 2D puzzles are what come to mind. 3D puzzles were somehow forgotten when 1000, 5000, and even 10,000 piece puzzles were created. In this Instructable, you will learn how to turn an ordinary 2D puzzle into a 3d puzzle using only office supplies! I hope you en…By: Nate Lu(…)