How to Spot a Fake Prada Purse

The devil might wear Prada… but is it real? Despite how popular counterfeiting has become, it doesn’t take a professional to determine what’s real and what’s fake when it comes to purses. Whether you’re buying a used Prada tote or simply want to know if your favorite blogger’s bag is genuine, look at the logo,(…)


Cyberpunk Chique RAM Purse

This project is an original design by me, you are free to make such a purse for personal use, but not to sell.I will have them available in my etsy shop later this year. On this site there are cool bags made of old fashion information storing devices and I thought to myself, "I am(…)


How to Finger Crochet a Purse

We’ll be using our fingers to make this lovely little purse. I’m using 3 strands of pencil roving at a time for this project. Watch the Video The video takes you from beginning to end. Make the Foundation Chain Tie a slip knot and chain 7.If you need help finger chaining see this video: https…By:(…)


The Easiest Coin Purse Ever

If you have a lonely old sock, and some change rattling down in your bag, This is perfect! It’s really easy to make, and useful, it is fabric, so it can collapse or be folded. So let’s get started! Whatcha’ Need What you’ll need for today’s project:Embroidery needle, or cross stitch needlelonel…By: _NightSky_ Continue Reading(…)

Enderman Purse to Mini Backpack

Transport in style with an Enderman purse and/or mini backpack! This will hold a cellphone, wallet, keys, and perhaps a passport… if you shall need one. Supplies Felt fabricFabric for lining Glue gun/glue sticks 2 pairs of snaps1 pair of sew on snapsTulleSequinSewing machine SissorsRotery too…By: Mammacita509 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Crochet Sweetheart T-shirt Yarn Purse

Happy Valentine’s Day! This is the tutorial for making a super cute sweetheart T-shirt yarn purse. If you like this crochet sweetheart T-shirt yarn bag, you may also enjoy my other sewing and craft projects on the blog at https://gwenstellamade.wordpress.com.There is also a free PDF download for th…By: gwenstella Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring –(…)