Tamise Gilded Mini Pumpkins

Gilding Pumpkins is a lovely way to highlight Autumn’s splendor! This project offers a fun and exciting way toadd the beauty of Tamisé Metal Leaf Flakes to your fall décor. It’s a great project for kids when supervised bya grown up. Swirling pumpkins in bowls of gorgeous flakes feels like making cot…By: JenLongworth Continue Reading(…)


Automated Singing Pumpkins

This year’s automated singing Pumpkin display. Introduction This halloween prop is a motion activated projection of three singing pumpkins. When triggered a talking pirate skull is activated with a fog machine giving 20 second blast of fog! Then the projection starts. There are two alternating …By: robboz4 Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Edgee Pumpkins

The particular brand of shaving gel I use, comes with an Orange plastic lid, I thought they could be reused for something, then the Halloween and Reclaimed Contests came along. Materials Edge Orange shaving gel lidsLED tea lights from the dollar storeA fine tipped Black SharpieA Mason jarA coffe…By: john pedersen Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)