Oldfashioned Drawer Pulls

In an attempt to organise all the small things flooding the house, I decided to build a set of drawers in a recess of a wall from an early building expansion.As I wanted a lot of drawers, I would need a lot of hardware, which would be the most expensive part of the project. Furthermore,(…)


3D Printed Zipper Pulls

Making your own 3D printed custom zipper pull is a great way to stand out from the crowd! You can personalize almost any zippered garment or bag/backpack with your name and/or any shape! The finished product we’ll be making is a 3D printed ‘sleeve’ that slides over an existing zipper pull and is…By: Paige Russell(…)


Concrete Drawer Pulls

Concrete is an incredibly versatile material to work with. You might be familiar with concrete as a utilitarian building material, but there’s a more artistic side that you might be surprised to learn about. Concrete will take on whatever shape you cast it into, and with the right mix of concrete yo…By: mikeasaurus Continue Reading(…)


Apple pulls latest iOS update for 9.7-inch iPad Pro over ‘Error 56’ issue

After weeks of complaints from users, Apple decided to pull the most recent version of iOS, 9.3.2, for 9.7-inch iPad Pros this week. The release has reportedly been causing “Error 56” issues for some, though not all, iPad owners, bricking their new iPads in the process. The error, which has been making the rounds online,(…)