How to Drink Whey Protein

Drinking whey protein is an excellent idea if you want to build muscle, burn fat, or replace a few meals. To drink whey protein properly, you’ll need to select a type of whey, weigh your powder correctly, and mix it into a tasty shake or smoothie. Then, time when you drink your shakes or smoothies(…)


How to Drink Protein Powder

Protein powder is extremely useful for strengthening muscle tissue and for gaining weight, making it very popular among people who work out regularly. There are lots of ways to incorporate protein powder into your diet, but it’s usually easiest to mix it into drinks. Choose a protein powder, understand your body’s needs, then make a(…)


Bike Protein Bar Holder

In this instructable I will show you how I designed and built sleek looking protein bar holder for my bike. I bike to work everyday and felt the need for some sort of container to hold a protein bar or two in case I get hungry. I decided to 3D print the holder as it(…)



This one is a really awesome sandwich that you can make at home–it is full of healthy good protein and offers a healthy lunch.This recipe is also coming quite soon to my blog: Michael’s Test KitchenYou also have the option to make-ahead if that’s how you like doing things. The protein in here is si…By:(…)


How to Increase CREB Protein

Increasing the amount of CREB protein (also known as the cAMP response element binding protein) in your body can greatly improve your memory and learning abilities. A lack of CREB protein is tied to memory loss, anxiety, and different forms of dementia. Maintaining healthy eating, exercise, and sleeping patterns is key to the production and(…)