HOOEY Stick Twin Prop

When you rub a stick across the bumps on the main stick, both propellers begins turning in one direction. When you say the special command, “Hooey”, both propellers stop and reverse direction. This happens without any change in your rubbing motion. The video explains how to make it happen.Although …By: KenS12 Continue Reading » Instructables:(…)


Durable Prop Axe.

No fierce Viking, Dwarven warrior, or scary Woodsman is complete without an awesome Axe!(A HUGE improvement on my last design)Note: This can be any shape you want. So all of you historically accurate people can be happy. You’re welcome. Materials CardboardDuct tapeWire hangersStiff plastic tube o…By: Nemesis-Perilous Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring – featured


Mad Eye Moody – Moving Eyeball Prop

Got a Hogwarts Party? Too old or ugly to go as Harry or Hermione? Build this Arduino Trinket powered, servo driven Mad Eye Moody Eyeball that randomly swivels around in its socket and scares little children and stray dogs! Based on this excellent Adafruit Bionic Eye Project, you don’t need any fancy…By: daronjay Continue Reading(…)


Teddy halloween prop

Hey guys it me again! Sorry I haven’t posted much recently, I’m struggling to explain my ideas which has ended up with me having a lot of draft material that I have not posted because it makes no sense. But hey its Halloween again! and I love halloween so heres a prop I have made(…)


Countdown Timer Prop

I was asked if I could make a “launch control console” for a schools play area. The most important part of a rocket launch is the countdown so I needed a countdown timer. This instructable shows how I made a large 10 second countdown timer for approximately than £10 with only basic tools.First the d…By:(…)