The Making of a Giant Walnut Prop

This Giant Walnut prop was originally inspired by Paul Jackman of Jackman Works, when he began building his Life-Size Nutcracker recently. The original art sculpture for my giant walnut was created digitally using Maxon Cinema4D modeling software. Silicone molds were then made using 3D prints as mas…By: Works by Solo Continue Reading » Instructables: exploring(…)


Easy Rustic Prop Rack

Most people who have ventured into the art of prop and costume making will know just how much space the hobby can take up. The props that I haven’t yet managed to tactically distribute around the house are mostly piled up at the side of my room. Inspired by examples of pinboard-style tool pin boards…By:(…)


Prop Lightsaber

Here is a lightsaber that I modeled from a few different sources, modified to fit the size that I wanted, designed a circuit for, and assembled. I 3D printed all the relevant parts for the hilt and blade cap on a Prusa mk3 3D printer, and the electronics and blade tube were sourced from The(…)


How to make Rainbow Smash Prop

Here’s a little explanation about how I made my new favorite prop: the Rainbow Smash from Fortnite.This was made in 1 day and 1 night of work for PAX West 2018! I had to sacrifice quality and several details because of time constraints, but overall, I’m really happy with how this turned out. I usual…By:(…)